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6 Tips To Improve Player Retention By iOS Game Development Platform

You must design a game that people want to keep coming back to in order for it to be successful. You can achieve this achievement with the use of a player retention plan. Follow these suggestions and your players will return to your app or game for more every time.

1. Make A Great First Impression

The goal of player retention is to encourage gamers to return and play your game repeatedly. However, you must first create a positive first impression before you can even begin to consider that. According to Localytics data from September 2015, 58% of app users drop off during the first 30 days.

Giving users a good initial experience is necessary to prevent this. After downloading your game, what do players want to do? They want to start having fun and see if they enjoy it.

If your game is straightforward and you believe players can pick it up on their own, let them play uninterrupted. If your game is complicated, you should provide players with a brief lesson.

2. Have a Functional User Interface

Your game’s user interface must be straightforward to use and pleasing to the sight. People will not play your game if the user interface is clumsy or unpleasant. Every game session requires player interaction, thus it’s critical to do this phase right.

There are a few actions you may take, according to PaladinStudios, to avoid bad user interface design. The first thing you may do is look for a game in a genre that is comparable to your own to serve as a model. The user flow of your interface must then be determined. Following the completion of these phases, you should wireframe your interface before completing your design. After that, you must check for proper functionality. A good interface provides players with the information they require at the appropriate time. It’s time to start over if using the user interface of your game needs more than a minimum amount of effort.

3. Challenge Players Appropriately

What would you do if you started a fresh game and died each time the iOS Game Development Services launched? Many folks take a break and engage in an enjoyable game. People have a hard time getting invested in a game if the odds are stacked against them.

Have you ever played a game where you breezed through the first few levels with zero errors? Playing a game that’s too simple for you is it enjoyable? Most players cease participating in a game as soon as they realize they will always win.

Setting proper challenges is essential to ensuring that your players return to the game. Players anticipate that the difficulty will grow as they progress through your game unless you specifically state that it is extremely difficult or very easy. And you must ensure that they are challenged up until that moment if you want your gamers to complete your final level. With new players in mind, PollJoy has provided these eight ideas for balancing your game levels. Although it can be simple to balance the game for yourself during testing, you are the expert on it before it is made public. Your player retention strategy will be significantly improved by using appropriate levels of difficulty at appropriate times.

4. Get Your Session Length Right

When playing your game, players must feel a particular amount of enjoyment. There is a good possibility they will continue to play if they know they can have some fun in a specific amount of time.

Are RPGs and puzzle games typically played for the same length of time? Your gaming sessions should usually be brief if you’re creating a casual puzzle game. Your gaming sessions often need to be lengthy and interesting if you’re building an RPG. It’s essential to understand the ideal session length for your game type.

Your target audience must be taken into account when choosing the typical session length of your game. Do adults who play video games on their way to work desire to play for as long as a youngster with no obligations? Most likely not. Your adult gamers will be aware of the passing time and won’t be hesitant to leave your game if something more important comes up. Depending on the game and the audience, your usual gaming session will vary. Utilizing an established game as a model is one technique to determine the appropriate gaming session for your game. Download the most well-known game in your genre, play a few levels, and keep track of how long you spend playing. This can serve as a starting point for your own.

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5. In-Game Achievements & Daily Rewards

Mini-goals can be a quick and easy technique to prevent game tiredness for your participants. You can regularly raise player morale by rewarding them for in-game accomplishments and for completing daily tasks. Your player retention approach might include a sizable portion of this powerful tactic.

Achievements in video games reflect our real-world requirements for necessities like food and money. We experience the same sense of fulfillment when we achieve goals in video games as we do when we acquire necessary possessions in the real world. Players can strive for a variety of in-game achievements that vary in difficulty.

Daily prizes encourage users to play your iOS Game Development Services every day, which makes them an effective player retention strategy. If people can just have more enjoyment by playing every day, they are more inclined to continue playing for a longer period of time. You may quickly set up your game with cross-platform leaderboards and achievements using the Felgo Game Network. To add it to your game, see here.

6. Release Regular Updates

Regular updates are a clever strategy to keep players interested. This advice enhances player retention in a number of ways.

First of all, frequent updates show players that the game is still being developed. This means that you’ll be able to provide them with support if any problems occur or a platform is modified. The knowledge that the game won’t abruptly stop functioning gives players comfort.

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