Convenience and Security with Sequis Life Insurance

Not all Indonesian people think that life insurance is an important thing to have. Though life insurance is a very important insurance product. A person’s lack of interest in having an insurance product could be due to the complicated image of insurance, from the registration process to the claim process, so that information about the importance of life insurance does not reach the public.

Life insurance is very important, especially if you are the main breadwinner in your family. Just think what would happen to your family if you weren’t around! Surely you don’t want them to be left behind, do you? If that’s what you want, life insurance is the answer. What should be noted is the risk of life and death is something that will definitely happen, so you must prepare yourself to face it so that you remain calm in living your life.

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If the reason you don’t have life insurance is that the process you have to go through is too complicated, the solution is Sequis Life life insurance. Sequis Life offers an easy process through online means. Sequis online offers 3 easy steps in the registration process, namely:

  1. Visit the sequins life site at
  2. Choose the product according to what you need and determine the monthly premium and fill in your personal data
  3. Make an initial premium payment and you will be protected right away

In addition to the 3 easy steps mentioned above, Sequis Life online life insurance also offers an optimal sense of security with coverage ranging from IDR 100,000,000 to IDR 300,000,000 with very economical premiums starting from IDR 33,000 to IDR 77,300.

The view that insurance is unimportant and complicated you should throw away from now on. Spending money on insurance is actually the same as investing for the future, in short, “Small money today buys big money in the future which is certain to happen”. Well, what are you waiting for, have life insurance right now for the sake of protecting yourself and your family?

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