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Efficient Cable Management with Fibercan’s 24-Port Fiber Optic Patch Panels

Fibercan specializes in providing customized patch panel 24 port solutions for high-density fiber optic connectivity. Their patch cassettes/panels feature a standardized 1-inch chassis with a capacity ranging from 12 cores to 144 cores. These versatile patch panels seamlessly integrate optical fiber fusion splicing, disk storage, and wiring functionalities. Equipped with a 12-core integrated splicing unit, they support direct splicing and accommodate FC, SC, and ST adapters for both ordinary and bundled pigtails.

High-Density Modular Design

Fibercan’s patch panel 24 port solutions are designed with a high-density modular approach. This allows for optimal space utilization while providing the flexibility to scale up or down as per specific requirements. The modular design ensures efficient cable management and simplified connectivity, making it easier to handle large capacities of fiber optic connections.

Enhanced Operability and Accessibility

Fibercan’s patch panels are designed with operability in mind, especially when dealing with large capacity installations. Each fusion module can be individually drawn out, facilitating off-shelf or on-rack operation. This feature ensures convenience during installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting processes, enabling efficient management of fiber optic connections.


Fibercan is your go-to provider for customized patch panel 24 port solutions. With their high-density modular design, multiple models for versatile options, and enhanced operability, they deliver efficient and reliable connectivity for various applications. Fibercan’s patch panels are designed to optimize space, simplify cable management, and accommodate different adapter types. Choose Fibercan for your high-density connectivity needs and experience seamless integration and enhanced operability.

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