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Elevate Your Living Environment with akubela’s HyPanel Lux Touch Screen Control Panel

Revolutionize the way you experience smart living with akubela’s HyPanel Lux touch screen control panel. With this innovative device, you no longer have to compromise comfort for privacy or vice versa. By activating the Off-Cloud mode on the Lux, you can enjoy a wide range of smart home features while ensuring that your data remains secure within the confines of your home network.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

The HyPanel Lux offers a unique Off-Cloud mode that prioritizes privacy and data security. By utilizing the local network for smart home operations, users can safeguard their information from external threats and enjoy peace of mind knowing that their data is stored safely within their home environment.

Future-Ready Smart Home Integration

With the HyPanel Lux, your smart home capabilities can evolve alongside your lifestyle. Whether you’re expanding your family and need to add security cameras or integrating new smart devices into your environment, the Lux supports various connectivity options including ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and IR remote control. This versatility ensures that your smart home ecosystem can adapt to meet your changing needs.

Seamless Connectivity and Device Integration

The HyPanel Lux serves as the central hub connecting you to a diverse ecosystem of smart devices and traditional home appliances. By supporting multiple communication protocols, Lux bridges the gap between smart technology and everyday household items. This seamless connectivity enables you to control and monitor your home environment with ease and efficiency.


Embrace a new era of smart living with akubela‘s HyPanel Lux touch screen control panel. With a focus on privacy, security, and future scalability, the Lux offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for creating a smart home tailored to your needs. By providing enhanced privacy controls, future-ready integration options, and seamless connectivity, the HyPanel Lux sets the standard for smart home innovation and convenience.

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