How a Simple Part Could Change the Automobile Industry?

The automobile industry is one of the most important factors in driving or pushing the economy of any country. It plays a crucial role in the transportation of goods, passengers, and so on. Apart from the national economy booster, it is also one of the largest participators in the global value chains. The government supports this sector because it attracts big revenue from the automobile sector that helps in the return to carve a unique way amongst all the manufacturing sectors of any country. Most light-weight automobiles are produced in the country and they cater to a large part of the population including low and middle-income groups. These people help this sector stands out.

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History of the Growth of the Automobile Industry

History of the Growth of the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry started to grow after 1672 when the development of vehicles and automobiles started t grow with the first steam fuelled vehicle. The first-ever vehicle for the transportation of humans was the steam vehicle that was built by Nicholas Cugnot in 1769.

There are many automobile inventors who emerged at the beginning of the 19th century and then the de Rivas engine started to be invented. It was one of the most powerful internal combustion engines created by man and is considered one of the most powerful engines for vehicles. So, you can say it is “Moment of Science: Automobile Industry.”

Electric motor and industrially applied internal combustion engine was tested first in the year 1826 by Samuel Brown. Progress was continued on various internal combustion vehicle motors that provide a perfect combination for these vehicles.

After some time, the engineers of automobiles began using Gasoline as a prominent fuel to provide the ignition for these vehicles.  One of the recent automobile companies that grow well in this sector is the Ford Motor Company in the year 1908 which became one of the first automobile companies to produce a large number of human transportation vehicles. The company was founded by Ford Model T.

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The Growth of the Automobile Industry

The Growth of the Automobile Industry

In order to meet the ongoing demands of vehicles including E-vehicles and stay ahead in the competition to provide better services to the customer, manufacturers are using various techniques and technologies to get growth in this sector. They are launching various models of the same vehicle in order to attract customers by providing a simple change to the particular set of vehicles.

There is no doubt that the automobile industry has changed the way of traveling from one place to another. In the old time, people used to walk a long distance from one place to another on foot. It takes more time and physical energy. Now, companies in the automobile sector are growing rapidly by launching new models on the road. This sector has seen a big growth in technology, with various processes used in the making of automobiles like traditional casting strengths, precision machining, grinding, welding and polishing, fabricating, etc. At present, India is the 6th largest automobile producer in the world with an annual average vehicle production of about 29 million. As per the reports, about 4 million vehicles are also exported to other countries.

In my opinion, the automobile industry has seen many ups and downs to reach this stage where it plays a big role in the making of the economy and also contributes to the country’s GDP for development and progress.

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