How to design a mobile website

Lots of people get bamboozled about mobile websites however they are not that difficult once you understand the concept of how to design a mobile website.

How to design a mobile website Part 1

The first part of designing a mobile site is to look at the current desktop website and gather any relevant information such as location, contact details, main concepts, and finally content.

When we design a mobile website statistics show that the three major things people look for on a mobile website are the ability to tap and call, directions, and lastly information.

How to design a mobile website Part 2

The second part to design a mobile website is a structure which is like a template.

The navigation needs to be simple and bold so fingers can use the touch screen to get around the site. It is best to use icons or a clear linking structure.

Design A Mobile Website Samples

design a mobile website grooer design a mobile website mrroof

How to design a mobile website Part 3

The final part of the process is to then add the content making sure you have plenty of click-to-call links and contact details.

You can also add youtube videos, google maps, and much more to make it an entertaining experience rather than just a plain mobile website.

Make sure you upload to a temporary site and do some tests on a mobile phone or emulator.

How to design a mobile website Part 4

Below are some tools we use to design a mobile website:

Mobile Desktop Emulator

Preview mobile websites, design mockups, and local HTML on Mac or PC.

Wills Mobile PHP Template

We use a number of different systems to build mobile websites and this template is php-based and very easy to use.

Business Mobile Website Tutorials

Of course, our video tutorials and scripts make it easy for you to build all kinds on mobile websites for different businesses.

So that’s how you design a mobile website. Have a look at the tools and start your mobile website business today.

Mobile Website Designer

If you need a mobile website built for you be sure to use the contact form and send us your current website and we will do a mock up for you for free.

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