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How to Increase Electric Infrastructure’s Efficiency

Electric infrastructure is constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern society. While this progress is great for the environment, it can also be frustrating for people who need to use electricity. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about electric double-layer capacitor, which is a technology that can help increase the efficiency of electric infrastructure.

What is an Electric Double-Layer Capacitor?

An electric double-layer capacitor is a type of capacitor used to store electrical energy. It consists of two parallel plates that are separated by an insulating layer. When electricity is applied to the capacitor, the electric field between the two plates causes an electric current to flow through the layer. The capacitance (the amount of charge stored) of a capacitor is determined by the area, thickness, and voltage of its electrodes. Electric double-layer capacitors have several advantages over other types of capacitors. They can hold a larger charge and can discharge more quickly than other types of capacitors. They are also less sensitive to temperature changes than other types of capacitors.

Benefits of a DLEC

A DLEC can help increase electric infrastructure’s efficiency by automating processes and consolidating resources. It can also help reduce redundant work and improve communication between different departments. Additionally, a DLEC can save energy by improving the overall efficiency of operations.


Energy efficiency is critical for any electric infrastructure project. By improving the efficiency of your system, you can reduce your overall electricity consumption and save money on your energy bill. If you want to improve the overall efficiency of your system and lower your electricity costs, try to give GFOOKIC electric double layer capacitor a chance!

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