Jun88 Knife Fighting Cockfighting – Basic Knowledge and Unbeatable Experience

Gamechicken Knife spurs with exciting and dramatic matches are considered one of the most popular forms of competition ever. There, audiences can not only admire classic attacks but can also participate in betting to earn extra income. Together jun88 mobi Learn more about this special form of cockfighting through the following article.

Concept of cockfighting with knife spurs 

In parallel with the era of advanced technology, online cockfighting is becoming more and more popular and widely available. This place meets many brave fighting cocks with sharp knife spurs. With just one kick, you can easily defeat your opponent. 

The fighting cock in each match will be equipped with an additional blade made from metal instead of the usual spur. This type of cockfighting knife spur has the unique characteristics of being thin, flat and sharp. At the same time, the tail will also be rounded.

Although there aren’t many beautiful kicks like chicken kicks, they have high lethality and the thrill of competing is out of the question. If you have ever tried online cockfighting, you can see that winning depends not only on skill but also on luck. But it is certain that once participating in the form of knife fighting, 90% of fighting cocks will be seriously injured or die right on the field.

Comparison between spur knife cockfighting and Thomo cockfighting

In fact, up to now, many people participating in betting still do not know how to distinguish between the two forms of cockfighting and Thomo cockfighting. So let our article help you compare these two types more closely.

Thomo cockfighting

Thomo cockfighting is known as a popular form of competition, typical in Cambodia. The matches are held in large-scale professional cockfighting arenas. Normally, when fighting cocks enter the fight, they will have an iron spur attached to them to increase their damage potential. 

Thomo cockfighting involves cocks carefully selected and bred from many breeds of chicken, while satisfying the conditions of weight, size, strength and color. Each match usually lasts from 5 to 10 minutes and only ends when one of the two chickens runs away or collapses.

Knife cockfighting

The knife fighting form of cockfighting is often deployed in professional cockfighting arenas in the Philippines. With sharp knife spurs attached to their legs, cocks participating in competitions will be able to attack and defend better. At the same time, the progress of the match is also more attractive and dramatic than in conventional forms.
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To be able to participate in this type of competition, the chickens are carefully cared for and undergo rigorous training. Compared to Thomo cockfighting, knife fighting cockfights have a longer competition time. Depending on the fighting ability of the fighting cock, the fight can last from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Experience, knowledge, experience of cockfighting betting

In fact, dramatic and attractive cockfighting matches always have a special attraction for everyone who loves this entertainment. However, to have the best experience and receive big bonuses when participating in betting, players should not forget to pocket the experiences below.

Analyze to choose the correct fighting cock

In each battle, bettors need to know how to observe and analyze to find the cock with the highest winning rate. Some important factors that can be used to evaluate fighting cocks include:

  • Chicken breed: In the form of cockfighting, chickens with thick feathers, firm skin, calmness and cold blood should be given priority.
  • Age of chicken: According to professional experts, fighting chickens from 1 to 2 years old have the best fighting ability.
  • Health status: Chicken moves flexibly, has sharp eyes, and has good physical strength.
  • Priority is given to chickens with good competition records in the past.

Participate in strategic cockfighting betting

One of the important issues in the cockfighting experience that players should not ignore is participating in tactical entertainment. You need to understand the rules of cockfighting betting and know how to manage and use capital effectively to achieve the best results. Decreasing bets based on emotion or depending on the crowd can cause players to lose heavily.


Above is a summary of information related to cockfighting that we want to send to readers. If you also have a passion for this dramatic, attractive and exciting competition, don’t forget to come to Jun88 playground to have a great online cockfighting experience.

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