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mobile website softwareThere are not many Mobile software programs around that give you complete control of your business.

The current state of the mobile website software market.

A simple question

Would you put your business website on a site like Blogger?

Of course not.

You may use it for promoting your business website but to put your asset on a template site is just bad business and yet when it comes to mobile sites it seems this does not matter to many businesses.

While it makes building a mobile site very easy you are putting your asset on someone else’s site.

Mobile Website software can vary from some editable PHP files and plugins to converting your CMS to a mobile site to fully customized solutions.

Simple Mobile Website Software

Our mobile website software uses a simple editor and some CSS scripts to allow you to create any type of mobile website you want using simple HTML and WYSIWYG  editing.

You can use our Mobile website software or hire us to develop a mobile website for you.

Simply use the contact form and tell us the URL of your site and we will use our mobile website software to create a customized mobile website for you.

DIY Mobile Website Software

Mobile Website Software can also include uploading some files to your computer and editing them all online through a web interface.

We have another program you can use that simply involves uploading some files to your server then you use the Mobile website software to create the pages.

Business Mobile Website Software

We use a stretch and fit system in our mobile website software to make sure it will fit any mobile screen size.

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