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Mounting Solutions: Edan’s Patient Monitoring System Meets Critical Care Needs with Versatile Mounting Options

In critical care settings, having a reliable and flexible mounting solution for patient monitors is essential. Edan understands the importance of providing versatile mounting options that meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals. With their patient monitoring system, part of the elite V series, Edan offers a comprehensive set of mounting solutions that ensure easy access to vital patient information, enhance workflow efficiency, and optimize patient care in critical care environments.

Versatile mounting solutions

Edan’s patient monitoring system is accompanied by a full set of mounting solutions designed to cater to diverse clinical requirements. These mounting options include wall mounts and roll stands. Healthcare professionals can choose the mounting solution that best suits their specific needs, ensuring that the patient monitor is positioned optimally for easy viewing and accessibility. With Edan’s versatile mounting solutions, healthcare teams can customize their workspace to enhance efficiency and improve patient care.

Enhanced workflow efficiency

Efficiency is crucial in critical care settings, and Edan’s patient monitoring system, combined with their mounting solutions, streamlines workflow and optimizes patient care. By securely mounting the patient monitor within close proximity to the healthcare professional, vital patient information is readily available at all times. This accessibility eliminates the need for healthcare professionals to search for information, enabling them to focus on delivering timely and effective care. With Edan’s mounting solutions, healthcare teams can work more efficiently, leading to improved patient outcomes.


In conclusion, Edan’s patient monitoring system, accompanied by their versatile mounting solutions, offers a comprehensive solution for critical care settings. These mounting options cater to diverse clinical requirements, allowing healthcare professionals to position the patient monitor optimally for easy viewing and accessibility. By streamlining workflow and providing easy access to vital patient information, Edan’s mounting solutions enhance efficiency in critical care environments.

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