Rotation luck New88 Are there any interesting? Information for members New88

Rotation luck New88 Are there any interesting? With members of the houseNew88, regularly receiving big rewards from KM programs is something that is all too familiar. One of the most anticipated and enthusiastically responded promotions is Lucky Spin. Let’s see what this program has to offer through the specific information below.

Rotation luck New88 Are there any interesting?

Why is the wheel of fortune program atNew88 receive the attention of so many brothers? In essence, this is a gratitude event as well as a thank you from the house New88 to its members. Not only is the content clear, the application period is long, but the rewards are also extremely attractive.
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Program promotional code

To receive promotions from this program, members ofNew88 Need to apply the standard code released by the house. Specifically, with the lucky spin program, the correct code will be New88-LK01. With this code, you can apply to the entire program to receive incentives.

Effective time

Wheel of Fortune programNew88 takes place in 1 month, specifically from November 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023. This is a long enough time for you to receive a series of valuable gifts from the lucky spin.

How to convert points

Rotation luck New88 Are there any interesting? Regarding conversion, each point will correspond to a certain number of spins. Details are as follows:

Cumulative recharge Bonus spins
300+ 1
2000+ 2
5000+ 3
20000+ 5
50000+ 8
100000+ 12
200000+ 20
500000+ 30

How to receive KM rewards from lucky spin New88

The way to receive rewards is very simple because of the conditions and methodsNew88 Instructions are easy to understand. To receive rewards from the spin, please follow the instructions below:

Log in to your account and deposit money

To receive rewards, you must first log in to your account. Only members with official accounts are eligible for promotions. Therefore, if you do not have an account, instead of logging in, click the Register button to set up. Then, deposit money into your account with at least enough money to participate in the spin. According to regulations, the minimum score is 300 points.

Check rotation

Rotation luck New88 Are there any interesting? For filming time, the program stipulates from 9:00 p.m. to 10:59 p.m. Please check your account to see your spin count. Once you have your spin, proceed to participate in the spin by accessing the Spin and pressing SPIN BONUS.

Get rewarded

At the end of the round, the reward you have won will be displayed immediately on the screen. With this reward, you can use it in the game or according to other instructions from the program. Note, each spin only takes place for a certain time. So, don’t miss the golden hour to avoid missing out on valuable rewards.

Contact with New88

Rotation luckNew88 Are there any interesting? If you have any questions or encounter any problems that are not satisfactory, please contact usNew88 for our support. All promotional content as well as the betting process will be provided by our staff New88 support. Convenient way to contact with many different channels such as live chat, email, hotline call or via zalo, viber, etc. TeamNew88 We will wholeheartedly support you so that you can experience Wheel of Fortune as well as other promotional programs in the best way.

Be careful when receiving rewards

During the process of participating in the spin, to avoid doubts due to unclear conditions and rules, you should note that 1 bonus point = 1K VND. If you want to receive spins easily, you need to meet the conditionsNew88 fabricate. As follows:

Do not create multiple accounts

Each bettor can only create and use one account. We have very clear regulations on player accounts when enjoying promotions. Therefore, if there is fraud or irregularities in using multiple accounts for profit, the house will take measures. Ensuring each player only uses 1 account to receive rewards only once is necessary to maintain fairness.

Right to refuse to redeem rewards

The house has the right to refuse to redeem prizes if it finds that the account has the same IP, shared device or other important information. Besides,New88 also has the right to make changes to the content and regulations of the Lucky Wheel program. In general, all aspects related to this program depend on the organization and decisions of theNew88. If there are any changes, the house will promptly notify members so that they can understand.

Above are all the main contents about the lucky spin program. Hopefully this article has helped members answer their questions Rotation luck New88 Are there any interesting. Join our large membership team New88 to receive huge KM right away!

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