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The Marketplace For A Mobile Websites

I think you have seen the news reports, and if you do any research, you will see that the mobile website market is growing faster than the desktop computer market did.

I was told the other day by my friend who said you can view a normal website on the iPhone which is true but unless you like scrolling all over the place and trying to find something it is pretty hard. Mobile websites make you look more professional.

Richard-Geasey.jpg (140×135)I downloaded Quentin’s Mobile Website builder offer in hopes it would help me design mobile sites. I had tried a WordPress plugin that was miserable. Within an hour I had already designed a basic template that worked perfectly. I had a few questions along the way and Quentin responded sometimes within minutes (time zone differences permitting).

The script that stretches and fits the graphics makes this thing almost magic. There are so many mobile phone screen formats that you can go nuts trying to make things look great on everything. With this script you never have to worry about it, it always looks perfect.

Now, having said all that the real gem is all of the supporting material he provides. There are tons of links to useful resources, great videos, and other assistance. He also provides some good ideas for initiating a mobile site development business and how to approach new clients. This offering is well priced and offers a lot of value. There is no hype here, it does exactly what it says, and does it elegantly. That is not something you see too often anymore!

Do yourself a favor and get this package. Even if you are only going to design one mobile site the time and aggravation this will save is well worth the money. If you want to make a business out of this then you will be able to cut your development time to next to nothing once you have a few templates developed.

Richard Geasey
Seattle, Washington

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you – a BIG thank you for providing this excellent information and tutorial. Your product is a true gem!

Actually, I am not out to produce and sell mobile websites myself. However, I used your information to ask one of my clients who asked me to prepare a complete web project for her. She is from Austria and speaks German and I built her a complete project to promote and sell mobile websites:

Meanwhile she is happily selling mobile websites and so are a handful of other German-speaking internet Users too – all of whom I referred to you in order to buy your product.

You are going to be some kind of a celebrity among Austrians and Swiss internet users soon ;-)

As mentioned before, your product is excellent and I love your very detailed and thought-through videos. You provide a product and a tutorial that even newbies can handle with ease.

As for me, I can say, that the little investment for your product paid off big time – in no time!

Thank you very much

Nur Sharina

Mr. Brown,

I can’t thank you enough for creating these videos on how to make a mobile website! Your style of delivery is calming and refreshing which made it easy to stay focused on what you were demonstrating.

The thoroughness of the material you’ve provided has clarified some confusing topics for me, and the starter script will save a great deal of time in building mobile websites.

Kindest regards,

PhilG Says:

Wow, Quentin, I am blown away by Business Mobile Websites! You have really opened up an incredible new income generator for my offline business.

I always thought that mobile websites must be rather easy to build, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. You have made the process sooooo easy with your excellent video tutorials.

The additional information that you provide regarding QR codes is excellent and really adds to the overall value that I can now offer my customers. I can hardly wait to get out there and start offering this concept to my customers. I know many will be impressed and I should be able to add some extra sales quite easily.

Now I know how I can pay for that new EVO 4G phone that I have been wanting to buy for some time, LOL!

While I have been designing sites for a while now, I honestly think that even newbies will find this quite straightforward just by following along with your video tutorials. Plus your resource files are a real-time-saver!

Thanks a million for the great offer.

Setting up your own mobile websites business or just adding a mobile website for yourself just makes sense in today’s market. Have a look at this Google video which explains the growth and use of Mobile Websites and the marketing process.

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