Tips for Buying Genuine Motorcycle Parts

Maintaining vehicle performance by using high-quality motorcycle parts as needed is very important.  Choose genuine parts so that the functions and benefits of the parts you are looking for can be obtained properly. Because the rampant circulation of counterfeit parts with low quality makes you have to be more selective in choosing.

If it’s a little wrong, of course, the effects that arise can make the engine performance even worse. Here are some tips that you can do to buy genuine parts so that you are not mistaken for the many counterfeit goods currently circulating, including:

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Observe parts packaging.

The authenticity of an auto parts product can be recognized by paying attention to the packaging in as much detail as possible. Original auto parts have clear and sharp writing color prints, there are also special characteristics listed on each package. Usually, these characteristics are in the form of a hologram that shows the authenticity of the vehicle parts.

In addition, knowing the authenticity of the original parts can also be done by paying attention to the part number listed on the packaging. Genuine parts have the correct part number and exactly match the information listed in the manual.

Pay attention to the details of the spare parts.

The components used in genuine parts are certainly different from fake parts components. Genuine parts have strong components because they are made by trusted manufacturers. Meanwhile, counterfeit parts look much lighter and of lower quality because they are made of less perfunctory components.

In addition, the details of the curves of the original parts also look more professional, while the fake parts seem rough and not strong.

Pay attention to the warranty.

The warranty of a  motorcycle parts product that you buy is very important. Make sure the warranty provided by the auto parts dealer you buy is an official warranty from the manufacturer of the auto parts product, such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and others. If the dealer only provides a store warranty, you need to question the authenticity of the parts you buy. Thus, the guarantee that you get can be accounted for and not just a guarantee.

Compare the prices of each.

The prices offered for quality parts are of course relatively high. However, this is in accordance with the capacity and quality possessed. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to be interested and tempted to choose cheap parts prices to get high-quality products. Because usually, counterfeit parts are offered at a much lower price than the original price to attract the attention of buyers.

Perform service at an authorized repair shop.

To ensure the authenticity of the auto parts product you buy, the last resort that can be done is to perform routine service at an authorized repair shop. Various genuine spare parts or parts are guaranteed to be available from workshops registered as official workshops. You don’t need to hesitate and worry about the widespread circulation of asphalt parts on the market today if the motorcycle service is carried out at an authorized workshop.

In addition, the maintenance of your motorbike service is even more guaranteed thanks to expert mechanics.

Those are some tips for buying genuine motorcycle parts that you need to know. The various ways above need to be done so that the parts you need can be fulfilled properly. Its maximum function because it comes from the original manufacturer makes the performance of your favorite vehicle more capable. Thus, the motorcycle maintenance budget that you spend is not in vain because the parts used are original, high-quality parts.

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