Tyle Macao – Macao Odds and what newbies need to know

House bets are always very diverse, with many different genres for bettors to choose to play. So are you sure you understand all the types of bets and know how to read all the odds? Hereafter, OK VIP will introduce to players Macao style, one of the common types of bets but not everyone knows

What is Tyle Macao?

When talking about types of betting odds, it’s impossible not to mention Macao odds, right? So bet so much Macao What is that? In essence, this is an Asian handicap, a type of handicap that is very familiar to the betting enthusiast community. Named Macao odds because it comes from casino casino But wow infamous so people often call it that. In fact, the name Asian handicap is still more popular and is called by most bettors today.

Macao odds are the numbers initially set by the house for players to bet on. This score is based on analysis of the strength of the two teams and the difference in formation between the two teams. The bookmaker will set a Macao style with the convention that the stronger team must accept a certain number of goals for the weaker team. This number can change but is not fixed and the house will adjust according to the match situation. And your task is to bet on either Over or Under after analyzing the house odds.

The most familiar Macao tyle types

As mentioned, the house will give different odds depending on the match situation. Below are the most common types of Macao betting, you can choose to participate:

Ball odds

This type of bet often appears when the two teams’ lineups are not much different in ability. At that time, predicting which team will win is very difficult, so this will be a challenge for players. Choosing this type of bet, as long as you choose the winning team to bet, you will win all the money.

Tyle Macao ¼ left

Quarter bets, also known as quarter bets, 0.25 handicaps, also appear very often. To put it simply, this is a bet where the team that is considered stronger will handicap the weaker team by ¼ left. In case the two teams tie, betting Over will lose half of the original bet.

Half-left handicap

Another Macao style that cannot be ignored when betting on football is the half-left handicap. With this type of bet, the team that is considered stronger in terms of strength will handicap the weaker team by half. If you bet on the over, you will win all your money when the strong team wins. If you bet on the underdog, you must expect the final result to be a draw or the underdog team to win. 

In addition to the above 3 odds, there are still some other odds that can be seen on the odds table:

  • Half ball bet
  • Half one handicap
  • Bet 1 draw
  • The bet loses half
  • Bet 1 breaks 1 ½
  • Bet 2 is a draw
  • Bet 2 halves 1 ¾

Note when playing Tyle Macao to be sure of winning

Whether it’s Macao odds or any other type of betting, you still have to analyze carefully before placing money.

Participate in Tyle Macao odds before placing a bet

An indispensable step is to participate in betting and evaluate the odds before placing a bet. Betting includes team analysis, each team’s strength, recent achievements and form. There is also the weather situation of the stadium, current rankings and the importance of the match for each team. From this analysis, you can make score predictions to increase your probability of winning.

Prioritize playing ball odds

Tyle Macao is very diverse, there are many types that are relatively complicated if you are a new player. Only the ball bet is easy to play and has a high chance of winning because there are not many challenges. If you don’t have much experience, you should play ball betting first. You can then experiment with some types of betting odds with more complex odds. 

Monitor house odds fluctuations during the match

Many people mistakenly think that Macao tyle is a number that does not change while the match is taking place. This is a mistake because the house will rely on the betting situation to change the odds. Of course, they will do their best to get the most benefit from the house, usually the odds will change in the first 15 minutes. Others will see the odds change when they enter the 2nd Half or near the end of the match.

A small tip to know if the dealer is about to change the odds is to observe other players. When the crowd places the same bet or participates too much in a certain bet. The house will have a few tricks to change the odds and at the same time direct the players.


Above is all the information about Tyle Macao for newbies to understand before betting. However, you should start betting with a small amount of money to experience it firsthand. Then learn from experience and how to play for yourself to make better betting decisions. Access Okvip Every day to read more useful information, new football and sports news!

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