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Sichuan hot pot

Sichuan hotpot is famous for its numbness, spiciness, freshness, and aroma. It originated from the people and rose to the top in temples. No matter whether peddlers, servants, officials, literati, merchants, peasants, and workers, as well as men, women, and young people, its consumer groups cover a wide range, and consumption times per capita are far beyond that of other places. As a cuisine, hot pot has become the representative cuisine of Sichuan and Chongqing.

Originating in the archipelago of Japan, Japanese cuisine has gradually developed into cuisine with unique Japanese characteristics. Japanese Washuku requirements: natural ingredients, bright colors, various utensils, creating a sense of visual high-level, and materials and preparation methods need to pay attention to seasonal changes, a dish needs to adapt to the seasons of the year using different cooking methods and plates.

French meal

French cuisine, that is, French cuisine, is the most famous western cuisine, pay attention to the knowledge of the material and flexible use, to create a lot of popular delicacies, this is the place that French cuisine is proud of. French cuisine keeps improving, pushing the previous classical dishes to new cooking methods, and learning from each other. The way of cooking pays attention to flavor, natural nature, skill, decoration, and color.
The spirit of French cuisine is to highlight the original flavor of the food. Therefore, when a French chef cooks a meal, any seasoning, accompaniment or even wine he adds has only one purpose: to bring out the original flavor of the main ingredients.


Pasta, also known as Pasta, is the western meal that is closest to the Chinese diet. There are many varieties of spaghetti, each with its own name and different lengths. The hollow varieties are called Toni fen by some Chinese speakers.

Spaghetti originated in ancient Rome, and Marco Polo spread it from China to the rest of Europe via Sicily. As the legal raw material of pasta, Duran wheat is the hardest variety of wheat, with high density, high protein, high gluten, and other characteristics, the pasta made of it is yellow, resistant to cooking, and has good taste.


Poutine is potato chips with cheese and gravy. It is a classic snack that originated in Quebec in the 1850s. It’s actually a traditional Canadian way of eating French fries. French fries are sprinkled with cheese curds and topped with rich gravy. Ham, sausage, or salmon are sometimes added, usually as a snack or as a side meal. Poutines are now sold at McDonald’s, which shows how popular they are.

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