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Unlocking Possibilities with Custom DNA Synthesis by Tsingke

In the realm of molecular biology, custom DNA synthesis has emerged as a groundbreaking service that revolutionizes the process of obtaining target genes. Tsingke, a leading provider of molecular biology solutions, offers standard gene synthesis services that provide researchers with personalized synthesis plans tailored to their specific requirements. With Tsingke’s expertise in custom DNA synthesis, researchers can accelerate their scientific breakthroughs and drive innovation in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Research Needs

Tsingke understands that each research project has unique requirements. With their standard gene synthesis services, they offer personalized synthesis plans that cater to diverse lengths and application needs. Whether you require a short gene fragment or a longer DNA sequence, Tsingke’s custom DNA synthesis services ensure that you receive the ideal plasmid containing your target gene, promptly and accurately. By entrusting your custom DNA synthesis to Tsingke, you can focus on your research while enjoying the convenience of a tailored solution.

Unmatched Accuracy and Cost-effectiveness

When it comes to custom DNA synthesis, accuracy and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Tsingke sets itself apart by guaranteeing 100% sequence accuracy through Sanger sequencing and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. This ensures that the synthesized DNA matches the provided sequence, giving researchers confidence in their experimental results. Additionally, Tsingke offers a cost-effective solution through its comprehensive industrial chain, allowing researchers to access high-quality custom DNA synthesis services at competitive prices. As a bonus, Tsingke provides free access to over 160 vectors and offers free codon optimization, further enhancing the value and flexibility of their services.


Tsingke’s custom DNA synthesis services empower researchers worldwide to unlock new possibilities in molecular biology. With their tailored solutions, researchers can obtain target genes efficiently and accurately, driving scientific advancements. Tsingke’s commitment to accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and optional benefits such as free vectors and codon optimization make them the preferred partner for research institutions globally. Trust Tsingke to deliver custom DNA synthesis solutions that meet your specific research needs, and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation.

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