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ZTT: Pioneering New Materials for Industrial Advancement

ZTT Group is at the forefront of innovation, and its development strategy revolves around the vertical and horizontal extension of the industrial chain. This approach allows ZTT to explore breakthrough materials, upgrade existing products, and venture into new markets. As part of the Zhongtian Technology Emerging Business Group, ZTT has made significant strides in new materials and components, ranging from 3D printing and supercapacitors to open cell aluminum foam and polyimide film (PI film). This article explores how ZTT’s commitment to technology and quality has driven advancements in new materials, establishing its position as an industry leader.

Vertical and Horizontal Extension of the Industrial Chain

ZTT’s development strategy is built upon the vertical and horizontal extension of its industrial chain. By focusing on materials breakthroughs, the company can enhance its existing product portfolio and target new markets. Through innovative approaches, ZTT continuously develops new products, ensuring they meet evolving customer demands. Additionally, the company keeps a keen eye on high-end hot new materials, enabling it to expand into cutting-edge fields.

Diversification into Emerging Business Group

Within the ZTT Group, the Zhongtian Technology Emerging Business Group spearheads ventures into new materials and components. With a diverse range of offerings such as 3D printing, supercapacitors, open cell aluminum foam, and PI film, ZTT demonstrates its commitment to exploring new frontiers. The company has invested in advanced production equipment and testing instruments from Germany and Japan, ensuring the highest standards in design and manufacturing of alloy copper products that adhere to international norms.

World-Class Production Lines and Certifications

ZTT boasts world-level production lines, backed by robust technology capabilities and comprehensive test facilities. The company’s modern roll casting, extrusion, and stretching production lines enable the efficient and precise manufacture of materials and components. ZTT’s dedication to quality and technology has earned it certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001. These certifications, coupled with modern management practices, position ZTT as a leading player in the industry and provide a competitive price advantage for its products.


ZTT’s pioneering efforts in new materials have propelled the company to the forefront of industrial advancement. By strategically extending its industrial chain, ZTT continuously explores breakthrough materials, upgrades existing products, and enters new markets. As part of the Zhongtian Technology Emerging Business Group, ZTT diversifies its offerings to include cutting-edge solutions such as 3D printing, supercapacitors, aluminum foam, and PI film. Supported by world-class production lines and certifications, ZTT emphasizes technology and quality to drive innovation and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, ZTT is poised to shape the future of the new materials industry.

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