9 button scratch cards – Game information and tips Deal cards correctly

9-button scratch card is a card game that can be considered a tradition among bettors. This is a scoring game with 3 cards and now you can bet more money when playing, leading to a game where you can earn a lot of money. Therefore, this article by New88sg will provide information about this scratch card and tips for dealing cards so you can get good cards.

Information about the 9-button scratch card you should take a look at

The game “Scratch card” is also known as “three-card card”. This is a form of entertainment that is loved because of its easy-to-understand rules and fast playing speed. This game has spread to many countries, including Vietnam. In Scratch Cards, there is no limit to the number of participants, but it is important that each player must have three cards. 

Other than poker game, the way to determine the winner in this game is based on comparing scores between players or with the house. The player whose score is closest to number 9 will be the winner and collect the bets of the other players.

Tips for dealing cards when playing 9-button scratch cards

In the Scratch card game, each player will receive three cards and use them to calculate points and compare with opponents. The outcome of each game depends heavily on the element of chance. However, experienced players often know certain methods of dealing cards, which help increase their chances of winning. Tips for dealing cards will be the next part we want to bring to you below.

Applying the extremely standard 9-button scratch card dealing formula

For Scratch card games, card distribution rules only apply to games with 5 or more players. An unofficial rule that players often share with each other is “Drop – Middle – Drop – Top – Bottom”. This means that in a game with 5 players, a total of 15 cards will be dealt. When collecting cards, players will follow this rule. Specifically:

  • Discard: The first three cards discarded cannot be used in the game.
  • Middle: The middle card in the next set of three will be your card for the next hand.
  • Above: The top card in the next set of three will be your card for the next hand.
  • Bottom: The bottom card in the last three will be your card for the next hand.

The process takes place during the dealing of cards

After selecting the lesson according to the instructions stated above, you will proceed to distribute the lesson. This is an important step that determines whether your card score reaches 9 points to win or not. The general process of this card-dealing process will be as follows:

  • Collecting Cards: When a game ends, players will collect cards in the manner described above. Next, place these 15 cards at the bottom of the deck.
  • Shuffle the Cards: The goal is to ensure that other players cannot guess your method. This requires good skill in shuffling the cards so as not to change the arranged order.
  • Sutra of Cards: Another player will divide the deck into two parts. This does not affect the order in which the cards are sorted.
  • Pass Cards: The dealer will skillfully move the lower cards up to avoid being detected.
  • Dealing the Cards: Finally, you will deal the cards to the other players as usual.

Applying both of the above instructions will help you get good cards and achieve extremely high winning rates. Therefore, don’t hesitate to withdraw money and spend heavily to increase your bet to win big in each game.

Instructions on how to play 9-button scratch cards are quite interesting

In addition to applying top card dealing strategies, you will also learn some good playing tips through this article. And these tips will help you avoid getting caught up in gambling scams when these tips are personal skills you can practice.
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You must always clearly remember how to play the 9-button scratch card

Before trying Scratch Cards, it is necessary for all of you to understand the rules and how to play. This understanding will help you play more confidently and comfortably. At the same time, it is also one of the factors that determine whether you can win the game or not.

Apply smart betting strategies

To play Scratch cards intelligently, managing your bet amount is very important. Players need to carefully consider when it is a good time to place a larger bet or reduce the bet amount if they are on a losing streak.


We have provided complete information for you in the 9-button scratch card through the article. We have also provided you with tips on dealing cards and some other tips to help you win more easily. Wishing you success when playing scratch cards and making a lot of money.

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