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iKnowMed Software and Lynx Mobile Inventory Management!

iknomed software is an advanced EHR (Electronic Health Record) software system that has been designed to improve patient care and reduce costs for Oncology practices. Its integration with the Lynx mobile inventory management software can enhance the way healthcare providers manage inventory.

McKesson Oncology EHR system:

iKnowMed, a McKesson Oncology EHR system, offers a comprehensive and customizable solution for cancer care. Its unique features include patient charts, specialty-specific templates, and flexible documentation options. With iKnowMed, you can focus on providing the best patient care possible.

iKnowMed was developed by oncologists and McKesson Specialty Health. The system has been implemented in more than 550 sites of care nationwide. The system is designed to meet the unique needs of community-based oncologists. It includes secure web-based access to patient charts, point-of-care decision support, and staging suggestions according to AJCC guidelines. It also includes automated charge capture functionality.

McKesson’s EHR product also has a focus on interoperability. It provides better insights into patient care, allows physicians to personalize workflows, and promotes improvement activities. In addition, McKesson provides data monitoring and continuous data submission to CMS.

iKnowMed has been recognized as the top-ranked EHR platform for oncologists. It also received the highest score in the web-based EHR category. Its ease of use was noted as being a factor in its rankings. It has received the Meaningful Use stamp of approval from the federal government. Moreover, it has received high satisfaction ratings from providers in 18 key performance areas.

McKesson has also implemented the system in three different practice sizes. It has a solution for nine to 25 physicians that is hosted in a data center and a solution for 10 to 25 physicians that is hosted in an on-premise server.

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Integrates with Lynx Mobile inventory management:

Using the Lynx Mobile inventory management system, clinics and practices can streamline their clinic operations and improve patient satisfaction. It is also a good way to manage and track inventory and maximize reimbursement.

Lynx Mobile is a web-based, mobile platform that provides multiple user access and concurrent workflow options. It also has a robust reporting function. It includes information on billing history, reimbursement trends, and drug utilization.

Lynx Mobile has been designed to help community-based specialty practices manage and streamline their operations. Community-based infusion therapy clinics often have a high patient volume and require unique charge capture needs. Lynx Mobile provides a solution that improves inventory efficiency, reduces excess inventory, and reduces time spent on administrative tasks. It can be easily integrated with existing practice management systems.

Lynx Mobile was developed to help community-based specialty practices maximize their revenue and improve patient satisfaction. It can also help improve inventory efficiency and reduce drug waste. Lynx Mobile can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. It provides comprehensive reporting tools, including a driver dashboard that shows daily routes and weather conditions.

Lynx Mobile has been implemented in hundreds of sites of care across the U.S. and is now integrated with McKesson’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). Lynx Mobile streamlines the clinic’s workflow and provides a secure and automated system to manage and track inventory.

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Improves overall patient care:

iKnowMed software is designed to improve the quality of care delivered by oncology practices. It is an electronic health record (EHR) that provides comprehensive patient information. It is also an integrated point-of-care treatment decision support tool. It allows physicians to assess treatment pathways and adjust them as needed. In addition, it provides detailed cancer staging and information about viable candidates for clinical trials.

It is an electronic health record that is based on the Oracle Database. It is designed to meet specialty-specific requirements and can be implemented in as little as a few weeks. The system also allows users to customize their workflows and streamline work. It can be used in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and physician offices. It has been used by more than 1,400 cancer care specialists across the United States.

The iKnowMed patient portal provides secure messaging, online bill pay, appointment requests, and self-service features. It also integrates directly with the iKnowMed EHR. This EHR is designed to support cancer care practices and ensures that quality care is delivered in a safe manner. It is also a valuable tool in reducing costs and enhancing patient safety.

iKnowMed is one of the top-rated EHRs for oncology practices. It has received the Complete EHR Certification from the federal government. It is also a 2014 Edition Meaningful Use certified EHR.

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