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Top 3 Amazing Ways to Embed Pinterest Widget on a Website

Pinterest is a very popular social media site that enables you to collect and post interesting pictures and videos arranged and aesthetically pleasing. The social media platform has over 433 active monthly pinners, which counts for a huge user base, and marketers can tap the opportunity to cater to these audiences. Several communities and shoppers’ corner on the platform caters to a specific and like-minded audience.

The content being generated on the platform is colorful and vibrant that, if added and embedded into your website, will increase the engagement rate.

Before digging into the most amazing ways to embed Pinterest widget on website, let us have a sneak peek at the importance of embedding widgets on your website.

Importance of Embedding Pinterest Widget on a Website:

Embedding colorful and vibrant feeds from Pinterest on the website will add to the look and feel of the website. And will enhance the website’s reach and engagement quotient per se. Embedding feeds ensure traffic on the website and adds up to the authenticity and genuineness of the page.

This process also makes the page stand out and apart from its competitors as people like to explore the page with intriguing and engaging content, not just textual matter.

Website developers and marketers can also moderate the bounce rates and conversion rates well. These are the crucial benefits of embedding widgets on the website. Now let us proceed with seeing the easiest ways to embed desired Pinterest feed widgets on the website.

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 Easy methods to add Pinterest Widget on a website:-

Here are some handpicked easy methods to embed the Pinterest widgets on the website. These will enable the reader to choose and pick up a hassle-free and convenient method to add their desired pins and be their creative best in designing a beautiful browsing experience for their website visitors.

 # Social media Aggregators:

The most popular method to embed Pinterest widgets is using social media aggregator tools. The process of embedding through aggregator tools does not require any technical expertise or coding knowledge. These tools are designed so that any person can access the capabilities and features of the tool.

These tools enable the users to create – collect – curate and embed social feeds from desired social media platforms, here it is, Pinterest.

These tools have a user-friendly interface and provide options for customization as per the convenience and preference of the user, along with being responsive to swiftly adapt and adjust the feed according to the screen. The tools have a friendly and genuinely efficient support system to help you get through any hindrance while embedding pins. Some of the widely used and prominent social media aggregators are Tagembed, Embed social, Hootsuite, etc.

# WordPress plugins:

If the reader already has a WordPress website, then using WordPress plugins is the most suitable way to embed a Pinterest widget. They are easy to install and locate on the website. The user can embed their selected Pinterest feeds using the provided and generated shortcode.

This will enable the user to add their desired pictures and videos and showcase them on their WordPress website. The plugin has a variety of options of layouts and themes to choose from, and similar to the aggregator tools, they also have customization options available.

# Screenshots:

The last method to add the desired feeds from pins can be by taking screenshots and adding them to the website. But by opting for this method, the developers will have to kill a lot of time and devote themselves to taking each individual screenshot.

However, this is not very feasible when we have plenty of photos and videos to embed. And this method is not equipped with auto-update and customization features. Thus the user will not be able to make any changes according to their preference. But if we talk about embedding pins as it is, then you can opt for this method of using screenshots for embedding preferred pins onto your website.

In Essence:

According to business analytics in the current trend of successful social media marketing, Pinterest is a popular social media platform and is becoming a highly marketable platform. Thus, embedding beautiful and aesthetically appealing pins onto their profiles and websites will help them garner more traffic than usual. The abovementioned ways will help the reader to easily embed Pinterest board widgets on a website.

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