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Digital marketing: Today’s Need

Marketing has always been an important part of sales. Effective marketing has always led to great sales and profits. With this digital era emerging, we too need to come up with new marketing strategies for a better profit. Digital marketing is an emerging field today. Since our means of communication is mostly through digital media, marketing has also shifted its focus to digital ways. To say it simply, digital marketing is marketing or promoting your selling products through digital media. It is not necessary that the medium should be a fancy electronic gadget, but can simply be an electronic billboard. The term digital marketing became popular in the early 2000s but was first used back in 1896. The first product used for digital marketing was the radio.

Digital marketing is mainly divided into two main categories based on their mode. These are online and offline marketing. Online marketing can be the way of marketing products where the web or the internet is used as the medium. This is a very common method used to promote products and services.

Online marketing consists of these seven types:


This stands for Search Engine Marketing where different types of content are shared to promote products and services. This is done via advertisement. This is mostly done to increase the trafficking on that particular website.


This stands for Search Engine Optimization where the traffic on the website is increased by adding keywords that will help showcase the website on the search engine. It is similar to SEM but mostly based on the content.


This stands for Social Media Marketing and is said to be the most efficient method to connect with the target audience. It is helpful when you want to promote trendy products. Here, social media is used as a platform to promote your product.


This stands for Pay Per Click advertisement where the publisher pays the advertiser whenever his ad is clicked by someone. This is also a very common and easy way to promote your products in a more efficient manner.

Content marketing:

This type of marketing involves the sharing and creation of content to different people. It can be videos, blogs, posts uploaded on social media, etc. This is mainly done to build interest in the viewer.

Affiliate marketing:

This is a type of marketing where the owner aims for the same target audience and affiliates and gets a commission by recommending the products to others. This too is a common business tactic.

E-mail marketing:

This is also commonly used to increase sales. Here the product is promoted by sending commercial emails to the target audience. This method is very useful whenever memberships are included. The next category is offline methods which include electronic billboards, phone marketing, and text marketing which are also common marketing practices performed. With increasing competition, it is crucial to come up with great marketing strategies. Due to huge competition, marketing courses are becoming popular and available almost everywhere, especially for digital marketing since we need solid marketing strategies along with keeping up with what’s happening today.

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