How do I Create my Website ?

Creating a website can be done in many different ways. Programming and editing
software, known as website building software is one of the easiest ways of
building a website. Additionally, programs such as Macromedia Dream Weaver
and Microsoft FrontPage are popular choices to create and build a website.

You can create web pages using your computer, then import those web
pages into the web building programs and then simply upload them to the web
hosting site of your choice. The pages you create in excel, word, PDF, and other
programs are also going to be available for you to publish as web pages. But
realize that by using those programs you can only do so much. The use of web-building programs provides you with many more options and choices in creating
pages that will draw readers and buyers alike.

Additionally, there are other ways to create your website. You can learn HTML,
which is the creation of pages using scripts and programs. You can also hire
another person or company who builds websites using HTML if you do not want
to learn how HTML works. One thing that is important to remember though, if you
hire a company to build your site, you will need maintenance, which could require
additional money to be paid to that company when you want or need changes
made. Make sure to agree on terms before you begin.

What is a Website Builder?

What is a website builder? – To build a website or just one web page, you need
the use of HTML language, scripts, and another programming, but a website builder is
going to take all the hard work out of creating and building a website so you can
build it yourself. No knowledge of HTML is necessary.

A website builder is a series of templates that already include the use of HTML
and scripts and other needed languages to get you the same results. Some hosting
companies and some domain name providers give you free templates and access to
website builder software, while you can purchase expanded templates and
programs to enhance and provide your website with many different variations. I
have tested several top-rated website builders and found that Yahoo’s is the easiest
to navigate and learn while providing you the best tools, templates, and many other
features no other company provides. They offer you toll-free support. Most
companies do not and others have very confusing control panels.

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