European Style Concealed Hinges

Cabinet designs are evolving rapidly and manufacturing methods are becoming more efficient and cost-effective.  One of the most positive side effects of this is a much wider range of affordable choices for the consumer.

Aside from the selection of the Kitchen cabinet design that appeals most to you, an example of more choice is the “simple” cabinet door hinge. ( A quick internet search showed us that there are more than 18 different types of concealed, European-style cabinet hinges being displayed on one website alone!) A close look at any of the currently marketed European style concealed hinges will reveal that their engineering is anything but “simple”.

Spring tension in them keeps your cabinet door closed, perfectly aligned, and flat against the face frame. Beyond a pre-determined swing distance when the cabinet doors are opened . . they keep them open at a precise angle. Adjustment screws built into these hinges allow for fine-tuning the mounting of the door in vertical, horizontal, and depth positioning. There are even optional accessories to add to a hinge that will allow “soft close” door control once they’re swung shut. While these hinges do what appears to be a very simple task, they are easily overlooked as impressive and complex pieces of hardware.

Determining the Number of hinges you need per cabinet door is not complex, but follows basic guidelines using door size and weight. At eleven pounds or less and measuring less than Forty inches, use 2 hinges. Use 3 hinges for doors weighing between eleven pounds and twenty that measure between forty and sixty inches. A door over thirty pounds and measuring between Sixty and Eighty inches will need four hinges.

And finally, if you have a very large standing cabinet with a door that weighs up to Fifty pounds, you will need five hinges.

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