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Kitchen Cabinet Finishes and Styles

Customers that are just beginning their kitchen cabinet shopping often ask us if a particular design is available in another color or finish. This is understandable as most items in all price range from automobiles to refrigerators to mobile phones are given a unique model name, but are offered in a variety of colors within that model’s “line”.

For Kitchen Cabinet models, it may help to think of design names such as “Wheaton”, “Colonial Maple” or “Salem Shaker” as identifiers for both their finish AND the physical shape of their door drawers.

For instance, The “Dover” design that we offer means both a white finish and the clean and simple shaker style of doors and drawers. Therefore you won’t see “Dover” kitchen cabinets from us offered in Cherry or Oak wood finishes.

However, knowing that you prefer the shaker style, but in a finish other than white, you need only look for a different design name that offers the door style that you’re looking for along with the rich wood tone you may have in mind, such as “Salem Shaker”, or “Cinnamon Shaker”.

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If you prefer a door style with more detailed panels, and in a far darker wood tone than Oak or Cinnamon, “Georgetown” would be a design style that provides both.

In short, A cabinet style’s name is synonymous with both its finish and its design details.

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