Simple instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88, winning extremely high bets

New88 crab gourd is a sport that attracts many “crazy fans” at the  New88 online betting platform. The way to play Bau Cua is super simple, no need to apply technique or think much, so it’s very suitable for “rookies” betting for the first time. In the following article,  New88 will Instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88online in the most detail, sharing more great winning tips from veteran players for your reference.
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Game Bau Cua Tom Ca  New88 – The playground is especially loved by “beginners”.

Bau crab, shrimp and fish is a popular folk game at festivals in Vietnam. It originates from China and is warmly welcomed by the people of our country. Currently, instead of having to wait for traditional festivals and Tet holidays, you can play this game online at  New88 Bookmaker, place bets and receive “huge” rewards.

The way this game is played is that bettors will drag the bonus chip and place it on one or more animals (gourd, crab, shrimp, fish, deer, chicken). The dealer will then roll 3 dice, each with 6 sides corresponding to the animals on the table.

If you choose the correct animal that appears on the dice after shaking, you will receive a bonus from the house (ratio of 2 animals x2 bonus, 3 x3 bonus. On the contrary, if you choose incorrectly, the house which will return the bet amount.

The simplest instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88

Instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88 are quite simple, not much different from the traditional way of playing. Most bettors must know how to create an account and deposit money into  New88 before participating in betting.

Step 1: Register for a  New88 account

Similar to other games, before reading the instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88 and depositing bets, you must create an account on the  New88 homepage. The steps are quite simple, you can follow the following article and follow:

Note: All requested information such as email, phone number, and name must be 100% genuine. Do not use it incorrectly, which can cause many consequences. For example, losing your account, forgetting your password, or having your wallet withdrawn by bad guys.

Step 2: Choose the  New88 crab game

In the official  New88 interface, players click on the Bau Cua game to place bets.

Note: Before playing, you must deposit money into your personal wallet on  New88. We support a variety of deposit methods such as scratch cards, coins, banking via bank cards and e-wallets… At the same time, at the interface There will be instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88 announced by the system for bettors to refer to.

Step 3: Place bet then wait for results

Players can choose a table with a bet level that suits their budget and Bookmaker  New88 will roll the dice. You just need to wait for the results to open to determine the win or loss. If you choose correctly, the money will go into your personal wallet.

Some tips for playing Bau Cua  New88 effectively, winning every bet

Instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88 are not difficult, however, winning “big” at  New88 Bookmaker is not easy, many bettors are too subjective and end up empty-handed. Below are some effective tips for playing Bau Cua  New88 for newbies, you can comfortably bet and still make huge profits.

Learn to remember the faces of the dice

The rate of appearance of each side of the dice will be programmed by the system quite evenly. Before playing, bettors need to remember the position of each side, and can watch a number of games in advance to predict the result of the next game.

For the side that was opened in the previous game, in the next game you should bet on the animal that is on the opposite side, the probability will be higher.

Build good psychology

When instructing you to play  New88 Bau Cua or any other game on  New88, we also emphasize that this is just a black game, you should not lose your temper when you lose or win too much. Many bettors who lost or won 2-3 games in a row became overexcited or bitter, continuously increasing their bets.

This does not help you make money but also increases the risk of “empty-handed”. If you are unlucky and lose continuously, you can change to another lobby to continue playing to change your luck, then return to  New88. Knowing when to stop is the key to winning big when playing online betting.

Choose a master to bet on

If you find that you are not lucky enough, you can go to a betting table with about 5 – 10 games to see who has the highest probability of winning. Then, in the next games you will bet on them to increase your odds.

Betting on a master will increase your odds of winning, however, if you don’t win money within 3-4 rounds of betting, then the strategy has failed and you have to change your goals.

Long-term army raising techniques

Raising troops is a technique that is not mentioned much in the instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88 but is very appreciated by the players.

  • Raising troops in pairs: In a game with 6 children, players choose a pair of 2 children to raise. If one appears and the other does not appear, it will break even, prolonging the playing time. However, to raise a pair of troops, the wallet must be “full” first.
  • Raising doubles: In the first 5 – 10 games, bettors only bet on a single animal. If the first game does not come out, then x2 money in the next game, x3 money in the next game. When you get the bonus, choose another animal to raise. This method is suitable for veteran players, calculating the probability of dice to avoid losing everything.

Answer some questions when playing Bau Cua with  New88

After consulting  New88’s instructions for playing Bau Cua, many rookies are still confused and encounter some trouble when betting. To help you participate more conveniently, below  New88 Bookmaker will answer some frequently asked questions when playing  New88 Bau Cua:
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Why can’t you bet on crabs on  New88?

In case a player has entered the table but cannot place a bet, there are 2 main reasons. First, your wallet doesn’t have enough money, you have to log out and add more to meet the minimum amount to place a bet.

In addition, if the network connection is weak or your device is slow/laggy, betting will also be delayed. Players need to log out and log back in, carefully checking the network before starting to play.

How to fix when you win a bet but the money doesn’t return to your account?

In some cases, the system may have an error when placing bets or distributing bonuses. If you wait about 3 – 5 minutes and don’t see the extra money when you win, then contact us.Bookmaker  New88 to be processed. The customer care team is always active, ready to receive complaints and handle them as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the instructions for playing Bau Cua  New88 from A – Z above, bettors can freely compete on the leading  New88 betting platform today. Don’t forget to read our next articles to learn great betting experiences and play live casino!

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