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How to Make Money Online?

The concept of making money from the Internet came to light with the e-commerce sector becoming active. People discovered that they could make money by selling online, and large e-commerce companies were established.

Apart from large e-commerce businesses, people have also discovered ways to make money online individually. Systems that can make individual gains have been established.

The “Affiliate Marketing System” is one of the systems that can provide individual earnings without the need to establish a company.

With the emergence of this system in America, people started to make money by establishing a website and marketing the products in the system.

What is Affiliate Marketing System?

There are affiliate marketing companies that have been established in the world for 20 years and in Turkey for the last 5 years. Product owners place their products on the websites of these companies. People who want to make a profit by promoting also promote their products and earn a commission per sale they make.

You can earn additional income in the short term by becoming an affiliate, and by establishing a solid affiliate infrastructure in the long term, you can earn more money than you would in a normal job.

I want to share with you the biggest mistake people make when starting this business model. Because this mistake is the most important point that distinguishes those who are successful in this business and those who are unsuccessful.

Here’s what people who start out as an affiliate and soon admit to failure and quit:

They enter this business with the desire to earn a lot of money by working little. But they forget that they have to work day and night for the first 2 years to establish such a business model.

From the very beginning, they work less, and eventually, they fail and stop working.

If you’re going to do this job, you should never make this mistake. I guarantee you will fail if you make this mistake. If you are thinking of working less for the first 2 years, give up this job immediately.

By the way, what I’ve told you is valid for those who want to establish a business model that will earn as much as a normal job or even more than a normal job. If you just want to take out my pocket money and earn additional income besides my job, working 2-3 hours a day will be enough for you.

My main point is not to make additional income, but to create a new business model and continue your life with the earnings you get from here.

What Are the Steps You Should Follow to Do Affiliate Marketing?

1) Sign Up for an Affiliate Network!

In order to become an affiliate, you must first register in the system of a company that does this business. There are products added by product owners in the system. Affiliates also earn commissions by promoting and selling these products.

The product owner is someone else. The nice thing about this business is that it allows you to earn money by promoting without owning any product.

Affiliate enables the sale of products by marketing products that do not belong to it on the internet. Earns an average of 50% commission from each product sale.

There is No Deception in Affiliate Networks!

Most affiliate networks are free to sign up for. Some have a fee of 20 TL. There is no entrance fee, and there is no one to share in the earnings. You earn only for yourself what you sell.

You don’t have to partner with anyone. You work individually, you walk alone on this road without needing anyone.

In addition, since the tax on the earnings is paid by the company, your earnings are legal. You do not need to set up any company.

Build Blogs You Can Promote

2) Build Blogs You Can Promote!

If you want to make money by becoming an affiliate, you should definitely apply the blogging strategy. What you need to do is quite simple…

First, you will set up a website. Then you will add articles to the website you set up. You can write these articles yourself, or you can print them from authors you can find on the internet.

My advice is to write it yourself instead of having it written to others in the first place. Because the basis of this work is writing. If you don’t have this foundation of writing, it will be difficult for you to progress toward becoming a good affiliate.

Because someone else’s articles do not replace the articles you will write.

It will be the best strategy for the first 1 year to write blog articles by researching the products you will sell yourself.

In the future, when you have established your blog infrastructure and fully learned about affiliates, you can have other writers write your blog articles.

But first, you must acquire the talent of writing, which forms the basis of this work.

As you enter articles on the blogs you have established, product sales will begin to occur on the sites. Because people will start reading your articles, people affected by your articles will buy the products.

A commission will be written to you as the sale takes place.

These commissions will also be credited to your account every month. The more sales you want to make, the more quality blog articles you should write. Your articles should be of high quality in terms of style and should arouse the thought of buying the product you want to sell in people’s minds.

Because your job is marketing. The better you market the products, the more sales you will make.

While you continue to add new articles to your website, you should also strive to improve the site’s SEO.

“SEO (Search Engine Optimization) = Working on Increasing the Ranking of the Site in Google Search Engine”

Doing SEO work is vitally important so that your blogs can be visited by more people. This is because most of the people who will read the articles you share on your blogs will come from the Google search engine.

Remember, SEO is the most important strategy you need to implement to become a successful affiliate. The way to do this is to write quality content. Writing carefully the articles you will share on your blog will have a positive impact on the SEO ranking of your site.

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