Best Restaurants to Try in West End,London with the help of Favouritetable

Nothing in London is more traditional or tasty then good old pies and mashes. Locally caught eels were regular pie stuffing but were gradually replaced by ground beef. Since the 18th century, London has homed 4,444 pies, porridge, and eels. Eels are still served in stew or jelly with or without pate and mash. Essentials are green “liquor” (salty parade-based “sauce”) or chili vinegar. Vegetarianism is an accepted part of London’s dining scene, and most restaurants serve at least some dishes for those who don’t eat meat. London’s fish and chips shop is part of Britain’s unique takeaway tradition. The city also has thousands of burger and chicken fast-food restaurants. There are also many Indian, Chinese, and pizza takeaways.

Here is a list that Favouritetable brings of the best restaurants in the West End-


 This restaurant and Novelty Automation are both very attractive to tourists. You can order Italian food here. IsolaBella Restaurant serves cooked chicken with mushrooms, spaghetti carbonara, and penne pasta. Order delicious gelato, panna cotta, and apple pie. Most reviewers believe you can drink delicious house wine, beer, and amaretto here. Come here and taste some great espresso, lemonade, and juice.

Masala Zone Covent Garden

 Not only Bow Street but also the Masala Zone is a must-see. Die indische und vegetarische Küche sind in diesem Restaurant gut. Most reviewers have found that you can try delicious biryani, vegetarian pubs, and cheese nans here. It’s time to try good brownies, parfait, and yogurt. Visit the Masala Zone for delicious Marsala, lager, and liquor. Drink the amazing masala chai, mango lassi, or chocolate frappe served here.

Antalya Restaurant

Stop by this restaurant if the rain took you by surprise during the promenade around The Queen Square Park and Garden. The Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine are worth trying here. Restaurant Antalya’s chefs do their best to provide visitors with delicious turkey, mixed grills, and hummus. You can order delightful baklava desserts, Choi, and Turkish delight. Order good house wine, liqueur, and rakia. A must-see when visiting this place. Some of the drinks are delicious coffee.


 Guests enjoy the John Snow Saloon views and book a table here for a great meal. Vegetarian food under the guidance of a great chef is great at this place. Perfectly cooked risotto, mushroom pies, and sweet french fries can leave a deep impression on you. The chef at this restaurant cooks delicious chocolate cakes, brownies, and vanilla ice cream. Try delicious Prosecco, ale, and gin. It’s time to taste the wonderful chocolate frappe, fresh juice, or espresso.

 Mira Lebanese Restaurant

 This is the best place near Warren Street Maze. If you like Lebanese food, visit this restaurant. Enjoy perfectly cooked falafel, lamb chops, and hummus at Mira’s Lebanese restaurant. Depending on the guest’s opinion, the waiter will serve delicious wines.

Sicily Restaurant

Sicily is well-known for its Italian cuisine. This restaurant serves delicious fried sea bass, ragout, and minestrone. Try the delightful tiramisu, cheesecakes, and panna cotta. Waiters, according to guests, serve delicious prosecco, Italian beer, or margaritas. This establishment is known for its excellent lattes, fresh juices, and tea.

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Thanks to the capital’s multicultural population, you can find more than 60 regional dishes, including French, Italian, and Italian cuisine. Spanish, Thai, and Japanese. In the UK, Indian food is incredibly popular, and many people eat it at their local “curry house.”

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