The Importance of a Creative and Innovative Spirit for the Young Generation

Creativity will give birth to innovations that are even priceless. It could be that creativity arises because of a weakness. A civil engineering graduate in Bandung always finds it difficult to choose shoes because they are bigger than the average shoe size. She is Yukka Harlanda who wears shoes number 46. In the market, shoes are usually only made up to number 43, but Yukka’s feet are different.

Yukka then made and designed her own shoes assisted by shoe craftsmen in Cibaduyut. From there, he started an online shoe business with the Brodo Footwear trademark. Slowly but surely, he pursued his business so that it was not just big-footed people who were interested in his shoes. Thinking creatively from his shortcomings, Yukka became a big-size shoe businessman who started to go global. This is one example of the young generation that Indonesia needs today.

In the face of increasingly fierce competition along with the times

Of course, we must be able to think creatively and innovatively. As youth, of course, we are required to be able to create good ideas for the progress of the region, even the country. We must be able to work to carry the name of Indonesia and of course, improve the quality of our own lives individually.

Despite the pros and cons

The emergence of the Gojek application is still warm around us. A form of development in the digital world that is used by Indonesian youth who are creative and able to work until they are internationally recognized. A work that was born from a high concern for the problems faced by the surrounding community. In addition to being a solution to break through city congestion for some people, the emergence of this application is also a breath of fresh air for reducing unemployment.

Being a creative and innovative youth is certainly everyone’s dream. Youth are at the forefront of the nation’s progress. So we are always required to spur creativity and always innovate to give birth to new things so that we can compete in the global world. To be a creative youth, you can start with small things in everyday life. After that, they just move on to make a breakthrough with a bigger impact socially and economically. Never give up and stop thinking creatively and positively for the sake of the nation’s progress. If you run out of ideas, to find ideas that are suitable for young people.

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