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AIVISON’s Laser SLAM Mastery: Unleashing Precision with AMB-J Series Chassis

In the ever-evolving landscape of robotics and automation, AIVISON stands out as an innovator, and their latest creation, the AMB-J Series Laser SLAM Latent Jacking Unmanned Chassis, is a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries. Dive into the world of precision and efficiency as AIVISON takes a giant leap with advanced Laser SLAM technology integrated seamlessly into their mobile robot chassis.

Precision Redefined with Laser SLAM Mastery

AIVISON’s AMB-J Series introduces a groundbreaking fusion of Laser SLAM technology and unmanned chassis capabilities. Laser SLAM, short for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, is the heartbeat of precision navigation. They’ve harnessed this technology to redefine how mobile robot chassis navigate, ensuring accuracy and adaptability in dynamic environments.

Unleashing the Power of Latent Jacking Technology

The AMB-J Series doesn’t just stop at navigation—it introduces a game-changing feature: Latent Jacking. This innovation empowers the chassis to identify and interact with a variety of goods racks and material shelves. With the ability to drill into and jack the racks, AIVISON’s creation brings a new level of versatility to warehouse operations, ensuring seamless handling of diverse materials.

Material Shelf Identification: AIVISON’s Technological Prowess

The AMB-J Series goes beyond conventional unmanned chassis by incorporating powerful material shelf identification capabilities. This means the chassis can discern between various goods and material racks, streamlining the handling process with unparalleled efficiency. AIVISON’s commitment to technological prowess shines through as they empower industries to optimize their material management.


As industries seek smarter and more adaptable solutions, AIVISON’s AMB-J Series emerges as a beacon of innovation. By combining Laser SLAM technology and latent jacking capabilities, they’ve not just created a mobile robot chassis; they’ve crafted a solution that adapts to the intricacies of modern warehouse operations. Embrace precision, efficiency, and adaptability—AIVISON leads the way in shaping the future of automation with the AMB-J Series.

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