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Fourth Generation ForwardX AMRs Contribute to Industrial Automation

In recent years, mobile robots for product sorting and handling have been increasingly used in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and other scenarios. With an eye on the current industry, AMRs gradually receive more consideration as people’s requirements for robot intelligence continue to rise and gain market recognition for their flexibility, operation, and deployment. ForwardX stands out among the many robotics manufacturers, and the market recognizes its AMRs as the number-one player in improving efficiency in the warehousing and logistics industries.

Strong technical strength

ForwardX’s AMRs are equipped with excellent scene semantic parsing capabilities based on computer vision technology. AMRs can distinguish people and objects that appear on the way, identify lane lines, detect low obstacles, etc., and then make decisions based on this. For instance, when two robots meet, they can each drive around each other to pass smoothly. This is very important for the flexibility of AMRs. This means that AMR-based automation upgrades do not require extensive changes to the original warehouse. ForwardX’s AMRs provide a high degree of flexibility.

Excellent products and technologies can only be achieved with the cultivators behind them. ForwardX comprises more than 250 members from top universities and leading firms worldwide. As a global technology leader in artificial intelligence and robotics, ForwardX’s team boasts some of the world’s top computer vision scientists and robotics experts. This gives their R&D a rock-solid technical backbone.

Visit the official website of ForwardX for comprehensive information about top-notch AMR automation solutions.

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