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Optimize free Circulating DNA Extraction with Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit

Magen Biotech presents the HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C (Vaccum Protocol), a cutting-edge solution for optimizing free circulating DNA extraction from human plasma, serum, or urine. This innovative kit is specifically designed for clinical in vitro detection, enabling highly efficient purification of free-circulating nucleic acids, including tumor-specific extracellular DNA fragments and mRNAs. Committed to delivering excellence, Magen Biotech offers outstanding products that ensure accurate and reliable results in free circulating DNA analysis.

Principle: Silica Column Purification Ensures Optimal DNA Extraction

The HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit from Magen Biotech is based on a robust silica column purification method. It begins with the lysis and digestion of the sample using lysate and protease, releasing DNA into the lysate. This solution is then transferred to an adsorption column, where nucleic acids selectively bind to the membrane, while proteins are effectively removed through filtration. Subsequent washing eliminates residual proteins and impurities, leading to the final elution of the purified nucleic acids using a low-salt buffer, resulting in highly reliable DNA extraction.

Advantages: Enhanced Yield, Concentration, Purity, and Recovery

Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit offers notable advantages for free circulating DNA extraction. Through its optimized process, this kit ensures the highest possible yield of free DNA fragments, allowing researchers to obtain nucleic acids of varying lengths above 50 base pairs. The kit’s low elution volume design guarantees elevated nucleic acid concentration, enhancing the sensitivity of downstream applications. By employing a low-alcohol binding method, this kit achieves exceptional purity by effectively eliminating any inhibitors and protein contaminants. Moreover, the DNA recovery rate achieved through silica gel column purification is remarkable, facilitating efficient and reliable free circulating DNA extraction.


Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit empowers researchers and clinical laboratories to optimize free circulating DNA extraction for precise in vitro detection. The kit’s silica column purification method selectively adsorbs nucleic acids, removing undesired proteins and impurities. With its exceptional yield, concentration, purity, and recovery, this kit ensures high-quality DNA extraction. By choosing Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit, researchers and clinicians gain access to reliable and efficient tools for accurate free circulating DNA analysis, thereby advancing diagnostics and enhancing patient care.

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