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Simplifying Pump Frequency Conversion with Bedford Electric’s VFD Controlled Pumps

Bedford Electric, a renowned manufacturer specializing in water pump inverters. With a commitment to quality and innovative development, Bedford Electric has established itself as a leader in the industry. Our expertise lies in providing integrated water pump constant pressure water supply controllers for water pump manufacturers.

W505 Series – Precision and Reliability

Bedford Electric’s W505 Series is designed to simplify pump frequency conversion. These vfd controlled pumps utilize advanced technology to provide precise control over motor speed and torque. With 16 years of experience in water pump frequency inverter manufacturing and 30 years of technical expertise from our founder, the W505 Series ensures exceptional performance and reliability. Whether it’s adjusting flow rates or optimizing energy consumption, these pumps offer unparalleled versatility.

B503PRO Series – Streamlined Operation

Bedford Electric’s B503PRO Series is another remarkable addition to our VFD controlled pump portfolio. Designed to make pump inverters easy to use, these pumps offer a streamlined operation that eliminates complexities. With 70 invention patents and over 2800 project experiences to our name, we have fine-tuned the B503PRO Series to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Experience the convenience and efficiency that comes with simplified pump frequency conversion.


Bedford Electric is your trusted partner in water pump inverters. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, we are dedicated to providing VFD controlled pumps that simplify pump frequency conversion. The W505 Series offers precision and reliability, ensuring optimal performance in various applications. Meanwhile, the B503PRO Series streamlines operation, making pump inverters easy to use. With 90 export countries under our belt, you can trust Bedford Electric for your water pump frequency conversion needs.

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