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Single Vs. Double Ended Bath – Which One Should You Choose?

Baths have long been part of our bathrooms. There are many benefits associated with taking a bath. However, over time baths have various innovations in their designs and shapes. Therefore, today we have them available in various shapes like straight, shower, or freestanding baths. In addition to that, these can be either single or double-ended baths. So, whenever you plan to install a new bathtub, the first thing that comes to your mind besides others, is whether you should install a single or a double ended bath. Since everyone wants to install the best option for their bathroom, it is important that you know the difference between various available options.

If you are planning for a new bathtub installation, then it will be worthwhile to learn the difference between single-ended and double-ended bathtubs.

Single Ended Bath.

The single-ended bath has one or single-end, which means one end has bath filler, faucets, and drain, while the other has a slopy structure to support the back of someone sitting in the bathtub. So, technically speaking, it is designed to accommodate a single person, or we can say designed to see from a single end. Most of such baths come in the fitted bathtub type.

Advantages of Single Ended Bath. 

There are many reasons to prefer a single-ended bathtub. The first among them is when you want a standard bath for a relatively small bath; then you don’t want an option that takes more space. Nor would you like to spend more money on it. In such a case, you have a single-ended bath. It is the most common and popular choice that you will find in most homes in the UK. You may choose an alcove single-ended type bathtub in case you want a bit better option with a bit more depth for a better experience.

Disadvantages of a Single Ended Bathtub.

The only disadvantage of single ended baths is that these cannot accommodate or fit two people at the same time. Moreover, these don’t contribute much in terms of improving the looks of the bathroom.

Double Ended Bath. 

On the other hand, the double ended bath has the drain and bath faucets in the middle of the bath rather than on one end. Another thing to note is that these baths have a slopy structure to provide back support at both ends. So, that means it can be used from either end or by two people at the same time. That’s what gives it the name double ended bath.

Advantages of a Double Ended Bath

Compared to the single ended baths, the double ended option is considered much better in terms of looks and bath experience. These are bigger in size which means you will sit more comfortably inside the bath. It is also a preferred choice for many family bathrooms because it is easier to bath your kids or pets in such spacious bath. While it is also possible you can take a bath at the same time as your kids. These come in both fitted baths as well as freestanding baths. So, you can choose depending on the size of your bathroom and personal preference.

Drawback of Double Ended Bath. 

Similar to anything else, there are many drawbacks to installing a double-ended bath. For example, these will take more or require more space in the bathroom. Moreover, the cost of getting these units will be higher.

Differences Between Single-Ended and Double-Ended Bathtub.

There are the following differences between single and double-ended baths. The above table discusses the comparison of major differences between single and double-ended bath.

Single Ended Baths Double Ended Baths
Single Slope Ends Slopy ends for back support on both ends
Designed for a single person at a time It has plenty of room for two people to share a bath.
It is preferred choice for small bathrooms You can prefer them in small, medium and large bathrooms.
These are usually available in fitted bathtub types. A double ended bath can be a straight fitted bath or a freestanding bath.
The unit price may be lower The unit price will be higher
It may be a bit difficult to convert to shower bath. Depending on your bath type, you can use it as a shower bath as well.


Our Verdict. 

Whether you should choose, a single or double-ended bath comes down to various factors. It is not all about what you prefer but the situation or space where you want to fit it. For example, if your bathroom has limited space, then you don’t have any other option but to install a single-ended bath. On the other hand, if plenty of space is available, then a double-ended bath can be your choice depending on other factors.

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