These are the best four Telegu party songs that will make your chill and suit you.

Music is an integral part of everyone’s lives. Music can express your feelings in a way that is both appropriate and expressive. A melody, for example, can lift someone’s spirits, make them feel more excited, or calm them down.

When we hear emotions, we are more likely to feel a loss of temper. We texture happier songs when we hear happy music. Happy melodies include active riffs and fast strode beats for sporting events, awards shows, etc. Feel more enthusiastic and upbeat if you are inclined to.

Numerous movies or other cinema industries signify, in addition to generating old-style or new pop songs with unique styles and elements, many films. Tollywood is another industry that has a connection to Telegu movies. Telegu cinemas play a significant role in Indian movie production. It is becoming more popular worldwide. Its songs are also very popular on many music sites, such as naa songs.

Party melodies can be a great way to feel joy and express your joy when you’re in a joyful, happy, and celebratory mood. This type of song makes you feel positive by making you smile at a successful celebration or event.

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This object contains information about the top four Telegu party songs for 2020. It is similar to your desire, but a little less. This investigation should be read from the beginning to the end.

The best four compilations of Telegu party songs


The song ‘Karabuu” is from a Telegu film called “Pogaru”. This film was directed by Dhruva Sarja’s followers. They broadcast this song afterward, also broadcasting second teasers and promotions.

Anurag Kulkarni sings, while Bhaskarabatla Raji is the songwriter. Karabuu song is perhaps the most popular in Kannada. This song was broadcast in 2020.

Karabuu is a Telugu-dubbed track. This track is so popular that it appears in many Kannada films. The movie’s communal discrimination is based on rowdyism. Dhruva plays the boss of the gang.

No Pielli.

“Solo Brathuke So Better”, a Telegu song, has the title “No Pelli”. This song is written by Raghuram and Armaan Malik, the songster. S. Thaman, who also directed the track, cast Nabha Natesh and Sai Dharam Tej. This song is popular on social media. It’s also trending on several music sites, including Naa Songs.

Solo Brathuke So Better was released by the makers. Subbu, the movie’s director, is in love with Sai Dharam Tej, an actor who plays Nabha Natehs.

Psycho Saiyaan.

“Psycho Saiyaan” is the main melody in a Telegu movie called “Saaho”. It is Anirudh Ravichander’s, Tanishk Bagchi’s, and then Dhvani Bhanushali’s lead vocalist. Sreejo, Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor are the actors. 2023 Telugu songs

Psycho Saiyaan was a popular party song that received huge approval. The public was amazed at Shraddha’s performance in this song, as she effortlessly bops her way through it. Prabhas, on the other hand, was equally entranced by the melody’s rhythm.


“Raba Raba” is Mangli’s newest song. It is a Telegu melody. The melody is called Raba Raba and Baji. This indicates that Laxman wrote the lyrics. Damu Reddy again directs this track.

The Raba Raba melodyes were published in 27 July 2020. You can access this melody on social media such as YouTube, Telegu and naa songs. This track is also very popular and trendy. The melody video shows that a lady dances more than she sings with a rapper.

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