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When I first started creating websites on my own, I had to learn so much to finally get
them to look somewhat presentable. Back then there was not any affordable web
hosting providers to help you build a website.  You had to figure it out yourself or
shell out big bucks for somebody to do it for you. Then Yahoo came out with a
product named  
Website BuilderI never gave Yahoo a chance because so many
other companies were creating site builders as well and their templates were, and still
to this day, very basic and their control panels are very confusing.

When I recently sold my house, I decided to put up a quick affordable website
provider and came across Yahoo’s discounted web hosting package that came with a
free website builder and free domain name. I gave it a shot and I was pleasantly
surprised. I now use Yahoo’s affordable web hosting builder for everything including
this complete website. I am not kidding. Look it up. I pay only $11.95 a month for this
affordable website which included the free domain name registration, the use of
Yahoo’s website builder, hundreds of templates, the latest site-building tools including
setting up your own blog, and all the necessary materials to create up to 25,000 pages at
no extra charge. You also get 200GB of data transfer which is like 250,000 visitors a
month and you can make unlimited updates and changes to your website for free and
you get 24-hour toll-free support if you need it. Yahoo’s affordable web hosting
providers even offer you premium marketing tools and shopping cart support.

If you plan on designing an online store with lots of products, you will want to use
Yahoo’s small business merchant solutions

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