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How To Resell eBooks To Increase Your Passive Income

Adding resell rights to your information products can create a small but significant added value if you’re considering purchasing ones to augment your info product offerings – but you have to know how to resell eBooks in the most effective way possible.

If you’re not familiar with the different kinds of resell rights, they can be confusing to a new marketer. Many people stay away from them, as a result – but it’s a shame to deny yourself the chance to put a really good resell rights product to work for you if you find one that’s ideal: Either for your list – or the affiliate marketer you’re hoping to impress.

Let’s quickly go over the basic types of resell rights, and then I’ll give you my best 2 recommendations…

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Basic Resell Rights eBooks

  • May resell eBooks unlimited times and keep 100% of your sales.
  • Cannot change the content
  • Always check license terms to see if there are restrictions on the price you are allowed to sell it for
  • You must not imply or state that you are the author
  • Most important: You cannot transfer your Resale Rights to any buyer

Giveaway Rights eBooks

  • Can include as a bonus or part of an offer
  • Can give away, but never sell or alter the book contents in any way
  • Best use: Good for increasing your value or generating sign-ups

Master Resell Rights eBooks

  • Can resell or include as a bonus – as well as sell the Resell Rights License
  • Usually more expensive, to reflect the greater value
  • Maybe some restrictions. Always read the license

Private Label Resell Rights (PLR) eBooks

  • Can and should be customized and changed
  • Comes in .txt format
  • You can combine PLR articles or split a PLR eBook into different modules (e-courses or email series, blog posts, etc.)
  • You can and should put your own name on it

Branding Rights eBooks

  • Can replace existing links with your own custom ones to create instant commission when the customer purchases the product

Master Resell Rights eBooks allow you to give your purchasers greater value by transferring the resell rights, whereas offering Branding Rights allows your affiliates, so they can brand it as their own, which can really sweeten the incentive to add your product to their roster.

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Brandable Rights are the easiest type of eBook for affiliates to customize if you’re hoping to get affiliates (especially top-level ones) to promote your products. And the less they have to work on your products, the more affiliates love you!

The downside? Both Master Resell Rights and Brandable Rights products are at the top end of the price scale to purchase. But usually, the difference isn’t so great that it doesn’t outweigh the advantages of saving time on new product creation or attracting even one more priceless affiliate.

As you can see, Master Resell Rights and Brandable Rights are definitely the 2 best types of resell rights to invest in, if you’re planning to use resell rights eBooks to boost your online passive income and you must know the online business system.

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