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Introduction Of EVE ER26500 Battery

As they get more technologically proficient and have a longer shelf life, battery-powered devices are becoming increasingly commonplace in our day-to-day lives. The ER26500 battery is one of the newest products available on the market, and it is receiving praise for its remarkable long life, fantastic durability, and versatile use. Continue reading for a comprehensive analysis of the advantages of utilizing this cutting-edge technology in a variety of settings.

What is the EVE ER26500 battery?

The EVE ER26500 battery is a lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) battery, which means it has a good performance and a long lifespan. It has a capacity of 8500mAh on average and operates at a nominal voltage of 3.6V. Additionally, the EVE ER26500 is one of the few batteries that can be utilized in temperatures ranging from -60 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.

The extremely high energy density of the EVE ER26500 battery sets it apart from other types of batteries. The EVE ER26500 utilizes a chemistry known as Li-SOCl2, which enables it to pack more energy into a given volume than other types of batteries. Because of this, the EVE ER26500 is an excellent option for use in situations in which weight and space are primary considerations.

Applications of the ER26500 battery

Batteries with the model number ER26500 are used in several different areas of industry. These batteries, for instance, are utilized in the sector of smart meters, which are devices that monitor and record the amount of power, water, or gas that is consumed. Another typical usage for ER26500 batteries is in smoke alarms; these devices utilize the batteries to power sensors that detect smoke and trigger an alarm when activated. In addition, the sensors that measure and record temperature data are powered by ER26500 batteries, which the temperature monitors themselves power.

Batteries of the type ER26500 are utilized in the production of tire pressure monitoring systems for automobiles (TPMS). These systems make use of sensors that monitor tire pressure and communicate data to a display unit. The sensor is powered by a battery, which also guarantees that the system can run continually. Marine telemetry systems also employ ER26500 batteries to power sensors that collect data on various aspects of the water, including temperature, depth, and speed.


The EVE ER26500 battery is a high-quality, dependable battery that can be utilized in a large number of different contexts and settings. If it turns out to be required, kindly be sure to get in touch with EVE, a reputable company that manufactures batteries.

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