Successfully Facing the Jakarta IELTS Test

You can get satisfactory IELTS test results in Jakarta by preparing yourself before the day of the IELTS test. Here are some tips that you can do to get a satisfactory IELTS test result.

1. Learn and make sure you are familiar with the test format to avoid unwanted events during the test.

2. You can practice from the sample questions and don’t forget to check the scoring criteria used for IELTS.

3. Record while you speak English or practice speaking the IELTS Jakarta test. After that, listen back to the recording and try to check your answers if you hesitate, repeat too many words, make grammatical mistakes, and maybe speak very fast.

4. To make it easier to answer, underline the keywords in the questions during the listening test, reading test, and writing test. You should make sure that you know what to include in your answer.

For the writing test section, make a plan of answers before you start answering them.

5. Study and identify synonyms. Usually, these questions will appear during the listening test and reading tests. You will find the keyword in the question, after which you can see or hear different words with the same meaning in the text.

The use of synonyms is useful on speaking tests as well as writing tests, it can show how much vocabulary you have.

6. Check your answers carefully in the listening and reading tests. Follow the instructions, to avoid being deducted.

7. Get enough rest the night before the test and make sure you arrive at the test site before the test starts. Avoid being late to the IELTS Jakarta test location.

8. Attend free workshops that provide information about IELTS and test preparation. You will get an explanation of the structure and procedures for taking a good test.

How test results can affect your application to local and overseas universities (UK, America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand). In addition, you will also share tips and hints for dealing with the existing test components.

9. IELTS questions are not easy questions to do. In other words, learn to divide your time as best you can so that you can effectively work on questions from easy to difficult in the allotted time.

10. Try to always practice working on questions with a timer so that you can record in your brain how long it takes to work on one reading text question.

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Or you can take the test preparation for IELTS Jakarta at English Bridge. You can consult for free via WA/SMS/Phone to (021) 52 9000 15 / 0812 100 600 75. English Bridge is the solution for you and will help you prepare for the IELTS test.

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