TOEFL Practice, Self-Motivation in Test Preparation

TOEFL practice is required to get a good score. You can try online TOEFL practice or try studying the TOEFL yourself at home. This exercise serves to prepare yourself before taking the test so that the results obtained are satisfactory. Given its important function, you must prepare it as well as possible.

TOEFL is an indicator of a person’s English (American style) ability. For Indonesians, this is considered important considering the mother tongue used is not English. In this case, the assessment carried out is through the ability to listen, read, and write.


TOEFL Practice

To maximize TOEFL practice, you must practice regularly. The length of time you practice is not important. There is something even more important, namely consistency. By practicing regularly, you will find it easier and you will learn a lot of things.

Practicing 1 hour every day on a regular basis is better than practicing for 3 hours but only done occasionally. This sometimes goes unnoticed because some people still see quantity, not quality. Now start changing your mindset, don’t look at how long you practice TOEFL but how often you practice.

Is practicing it boring for you? If the answer is yes, it means that you need to do several ways to make the TOEFL practice process more enjoyable. You can change the mindset that at first practice is a “burden” to “fun.”

The trick is, you have to know what your main goal is to practice. Goals are usually things that are desired or targets that will be expected. For example, the main purpose of the TOEFL practice is as a condition to achieve your dream to study abroad. So focus on that goal.

self motivation

Don’t make a general goal, for example, just want to get a good score. Because even though it is a goal, it is not strong enough to motivate oneself. Just a good score, then what else for?

Back again to the main goal of wanting to study abroad. If you focus on that goal, then your mindset will also change. This is because you see that the TOEFL practice process is not an “obstacle” but a “challenge”. By seeing it as a challenge, then you have to try and get through it so that your dreams can be achieved.

Apart from changing your mindset, another way you can motivate yourself to practice is with pictures. Paste in your room the pictures or photos of the location you want to get. For example, if you want to study in Australia, then you can post photos of the universities there and the state of the city.

Another thing you can do to increase motivation for TOEFL practice is by reading or watching videos related to your dreams. Reading can be from blogs about the experiences of Indonesian students in the country you are going to. The more you read, the more you will get to know the country.

You can also view videos. Currently, there are many videos made through Vlogs. There are several well-known Vlog accounts belonging to Indonesian students who have studied in a number of countries. Looking at the documentation of their activities and experiences will make you more motivated and enthusiastic to learn.

Lastly, you can make friends with Indonesian students there. Nowadays we can make friends with anyone with the existence of social media. Making friends with Indonesian students who study abroad is not difficult anymore even though they don’t know each other before.

Have a lot of discussions with them, asking for example how many TOEFL scores are needed to enter school or college or what kind of English language skills are needed to study there. By discussing then you can be more curious and learn more and practice.

Motivating TOEFL practice is important but choosing a learning method is no less important. You can do the learning process yourself or use the services of a TOEFL test preparation institution. Whatever you choose can be adjusted to your abilities and needs.

Specifically for this article, we will discuss exercises with their own learning process. Self-study can also be done in two ways, namely online and through various learning methods.

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Online TOEFL Practice Correctly

Currently, there are many websites that provide free online TOEFL test practice and discussion. You can easily find it. Not only TOEFL practice but there is also a website that provides examples of the TOEFL test along with the answer key. That way you can find out what is wrong and what is the right answer.

Through the online TOEFL practice process, you can easily set the time when you want to practice. It can be adapted to free time so that the learning process does not interfere with or rearrange daily activities.

self motivation Test

TOEFL practice online can not only find out how far your English skills are through scores. The learning process can also be done through the answer keys provided. In this way, you can find out where your weaknesses are.

Through the answer key means that you can also learn models such as sentence structure or grammar. Another thing that can also be learned is how far you can recognize the pattern of questions that arise. This is useful during session 1 of the TOEFL test, namely listening.

If you know what sentence patterns appear, you can focus more and be confident. Through online TOEFL practice, you can also learn about grammar. It is common knowledge that grammar is one of the things that is considered difficult when speaking English. There are many arrangements that must be learned through grammar.

If you practice TOEFL online you can understand while practicing grammar patterns. Thus you not only memorize but also while practicing. The process of learning while practicing can make it easier for you to understand grammar. Thus, the learning process does not feel boring.

The online TOEFL practice process can also teach you time management. This is necessary considering that during the test session a time will be determined for participants to complete the questions. Most of you may be familiar with reading articles or articles in English, but what about writing?

In the last session of the test, there is an essay writing session according to the given theme. If you spend too much time on sessions 2 and 3 then you won’t have much time for the last session which is writing. In fact, some people are still not used to writing in English.

Learning through online TOEFL practice can be maximized by you also doing the learning process through other media. One of them is a book. Reading books about the TOEFL test can be very helpful if you are trying to practice online. The learning process through the two forms above will further increase skills.

TOEFL practice online can also allow you to view, and assess the various questions that are available. This will give you lots of references. Try exercises from various websites and don’t get hung up on just one website.

This is done because it is possible that you can easily work on questions on one website but not necessarily on another website. The more references, the more trained you will be to work on the existing questions.

Smart Self-Learning TOEFL

Smart Self-Learning

There are many ways to prepare for the TOEFL test. One of them, as discussed above, is online. Studying online is one way to learn the TOEFL yourself. However, this time, we will discuss what things you can do for self-study other than online.

For some, studying the TOEFL on its own has proven to be a success. In addition, of course, self-study can save costs. However, not everyone is successful in applying this method. This is because not everyone can immediately understand the material without being accompanied by a teacher.

However, in reality, understanding, the material can not only be obtained through the teacher. If you study the TOEFL yourself, then read the explanations through existing blogs. This is done when you do not understand the language in the book. This is because usually, the language of the book is more standard.

Writing on blogs is a recommendation for you to read because usually the writing there is easier to understand. One of the contributing factors is that blogs are written by people based on experience. Thus, the language used is more everyday language. Likewise with the examples used.

Nevertheless, the material contained in the blog is recommended for you to use as supporting material. The main material should still refer to books or trusted websites. It is meant to maintain quality.

Another preparation that must be done if you decide to study the TOEFL yourself is to collect the required materials. The material you get can come from books or if you don’t want to spend more money then you can download the material through several websites.

You can select or even compare some TOEFL material from the website. If you want it easier you can refer to only one book. This is used as reference material for you to prepare the necessary materials. Reference material is needed so that what you read is all relevant to the needs for the test.

Reference material or syllabus can serve as a directed and fast learning process for self-study of the TOEFL. Without it, your learning process will be undirected. This is very unfortunate, especially when you have downloaded a lot of material. There are several things that you can prepare to determine what material or material is right, namely:

Choose materials from a variety of sources. This is intended to increase the diversity of existing materials. The more you eat the level of complexity will also increase. As previously explained, the source when studying the TOEFL itself must also be considered. It aims to improve skills in doing tests.

If collecting material is felt to be lacking, then you can interact with other people. Discussions can be carried out with the closest people you know. For example, friends who take courses through institutions or friends who you feel are able to discuss.

Interaction via forums. There are several forums that provide a platform for anyone who wants to know more about English or TOEFL. You can try these forums to learn, ask questions, or exchange information.

In addition to reading and discussing, you can also ask the closest people who have or have just finished the test. It will be very useful when the person gets a good score. The person can provide better information or tips based on their experience.

Learning without practice will not be optimal. This is especially true when you are studying the TOEFL on your own. The course institution is superior because of the syllabus, teachers, and teaching methods. If you take a course, there will be such a thing as practice, be it writing, speaking, or listening.

When you decide to study the TOEFL yourself, you should also prepare for these three things. The easiest thing can be done through the closest people, namely friends or family. Find friends who are both deepening their English or who want to help. The trick, start speaking English with them.

Smart Self-Learning online

It is a way for you to practice speaking English. If you have problems with pronunciation, then you can watch videos about conversational tutorials in English. Videos can also be useful to train you in listening to English conversations, especially for words that are pronounced similarly.

Studying the TOEFL on your own or practicing TOEFL online has certain advantages, but each also has its drawbacks.

Weaknesses will be seen when you don’t have much time to prepare before finally taking the test. You can register at English Bridge, and get guidance from native-speaker teachers who are very skilled at the TOEFL.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much time to prepare for the test. With the English Bridge learning method, you can quickly understand the material in a short time. Besides TOEFL preparation, you can also prepare for IELTS, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, IGCSE, and TOEIC on English Bridge.

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