TOEFL Preparation To Get High Score

In this article, we will discuss TOEFL Preparation and what needs to be done to get high test results.

The ability to speak English is the main selling point for getting a job. This ability can be proven with a certificate. You can choose certificates in the form of IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC.

Now of the three, the TOEFL is often used by most people. The following is TOEFL Preparation that you can do to get a high score.

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01 – Take the TOEFL Preparation Program

By taking TOEFL preparation you can better understand the test questions according to the topic, you will get sample questions to study the TOEFL test. Coupled with guidance from the TOEFL preparation program teacher. That way you will more easily master it.

02  – Allocate your study time before taking the test.

A week before the test, allocate your time to study for at least 2 hours in one day. With these habits, you will be familiar with the test questions that will be faced.

03 – Watch more movies with English subtitles to practice listening.

Most people find it difficult when the listening test takes place, this is because the use of English used is not familiar. To overcome this, you can try watching movies that use English subtitles to practice listening to pronunciation and meaning.

04 – When the listening session is in progress, just put a mark on the answer paper.

Apart from watching movies, you can also anticipate answering listening session questions by putting a checkmark on the answer sheet, because the conversation is only played once.

Don’t waste time rounding up your answer sheet, instead use it to listen and answer other questions.

05 – During the story session, first, read the questions.

When entering the story questions, it will usually take a long time because the paragraphs presented are so long. You can work around this by reading the questions first. So that you can focus more on the paragraph intended in the question.

06 – Focus on the sessions that have the highest value.

We will face listening, structure, and reading sessions when taking the TOEFL test. Each session has a different rating weight. Usually, the highest ratings are in the structure and listening sessions. Make the most of both sessions to get the maximum value.

07 – Do the easy questions first.

The quality of the questions varies from easy to difficult. You don’t just get hung up on difficult questions and spend a long time on just one question. Work starting with questions that you think are easy so that the time used is not wasted.

08 – Be on time for the test.

Try to arrive 15 minutes before the test. To take the TOEFL test you must be ready, calm, and relaxed in order to get maximum results.

09 – Eat nutritious food

Not only TOEFL Preparation in understanding English, you also have to maintain your body condition, so you don’t get sick while taking the TOEFL exam.

This will affect when working on the questions and test results obtained. Expand healthy and nutritious foods that function to increase brain focus.

10 – Take the simulation test

To find out a person’s ability to face the TOEFL test, you can take a simulation test. If the results obtained are not good, you can find out where the shortcomings are and try to improve them. So that when the TOEFL test is carried out, you can get a satisfactory score.

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