Create a Mobile Website for your business

With over a billion smartphones in the market and growing, you need a mobile website for your business.

A few things you should know.

Of the world, 4 Billion mobile phones in use over 1 billion are smartphones.

One-half of all local searches are performed on a mobile devices

200 million Youtube views are performed on mobile devices every day

In 2010 60 million iPhones were activated worldwide

160 thousand Android phones are being activated every day.

For advertisers that equates to two new sets of eyeballs every second.

So as a business person, manager, or non for profit organization you can no longer dismiss this revolution. It’s time to get a mobile website so all these users can see your message.

Most businesses fail to realize that their current website is not going to cut it on a mobile phone. Visitors will have to scroll and zoom in to get the information they want.

But they are not just looking for information they want an experience because most have paid quite a lot for the smartphone.

A mobile website can take your primary information and brand it in an easy-to-read mobile format and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Two Ways to Build a Mobile Website

1. Build your mobile website yourself

Our course will take you through step by step exactly how to build your own mobile website. The videos and audio plus additional information mean you can build your own mobile website in the next 24 hours.

2. Get us to build your mobile website for you.

We have students all over the world who can build your mobile website for you so simply drop us an email and we can organize the whole thing for you at very competitive rates.

These are fully customized mobile websites with your brand and information you can add to your current website or we can host them for you.

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