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Your Guide To Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Ruby on Rails is an open-source, client-side framework used to develop web applications. People hire Ruby on Rails developers to build their projects fast, provide seamless data migration, and many other benefits. The developers are highly specialized which is good for startups but recruiters can find it difficult in hiring an ideal candidate. 

You need to hire ruby developers who not only have excellent technical knowledge but can also fit well with your team and company’s culture. In this article, we will look into the responsibilities of the ruby developers, what to look for in them, and the steps to hire ruby on rails developers ideal for your company.  

What is Ruby? 

Ruby is a high-level, frontend, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Ruby on Rails is an MVC(model view controller) framework based on Ruby that provides an extensive list of libraries to build web-based projects. Though it is generally used in the front end, it can also be used to develop servers, databases, and the back end. Companies prefer to hire ruby on rails developers due to the framework’s flexibility, speed, easy learning curve, and versatility. You can save up to 30-40% of your development time by switching to Ruby. Ruby on Rails is a preferred choice for eCommerce, social networking apps, health, entertainment, and project management. 

Some of the benefits to hire ruby developers are-

1. Resources

You can hire ruby on rails developers as they have access to around 2 million ready-to-use codes and packages. RoR has a simple syntax, self-documentation, and easy-to-use codes that make web development easy.

2. Community

Ruby on Rails has a fairly large community spread across many development forums on the internet. The community is very supportive and is ready to help with any coding and testing problems. So, even if you hire ruby on rails developers for short-term projects, you can benefit from their network to get better services and developers for complex and long-term projects. 

3. Huge Demand

You might need to hire ruby on rails developers fast as they are in high demand. Around 800,000 websites run on ruby on rails in the US itself. The framework is a preferred choice for startups as well. 

4. Testing

Ruby On Rails has automated testing features that help developers a lot. You can hire ruby on rails developers to test your app better. The feature improves debugging, ensures code precision, faster deployment, and many other benefits in the project.

Ruby On Rails Developer Responsibilities

  • You can hire ruby on rails developers to manage your database and servers.
  • They can apply their knowledge of OOPs, algorithms, and data structure for writing efficient codes. 
  • They can be full-stack web app developers.
  • You can hire ruby on rails developers to handle security issues, regulations and data privacy.
  • Work with other developer teams to ensure every process is getting smoothly done without overlooking the budget.
  • You can also hire ruby on rails developers to write technical documentation.
  • They can also take care of all errors and bugs skillfully.

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Ways To Hire Ruby On Rails Developers:

1. Ruby on Rails Developers Skills-

You can hire ruby on rails developers with the following skills-

  • Technical– Make sure the developer is specialized in Ruby and understands basic coding fundamentals like data structures, OOPs, functions, classes, modules, etc. They should also know the MVC framework and operations such as POST, PUT, and GET. Have an understanding of databases, APIs, protocols, and RoR packages and libraries.
  • Soft skills– Hire Ruby developers who can work in teams, have good communication skills, time and stress management, collaboration skills, etc. He should also have a problem-solving and learning attitude.

You can look into the developers’ profiles and previous projects to learn about their skills and experiences. 

2. Choose Your Hiring Model-

You need to figure whether to hire ruby on rails developers individually or as a whole team. Look at your needs, budget and project complexities and choose the right hiring model for you.

  • In-House Developers- The usual 9 to 5 ruby on rails developer jobs. Working full time they make your core team. If you hire ruby on rails developers in this model, you need to provide them with a monthly or weekly salary, an infrastructure, and needed hardware and tools to work. They can work on long-term projects, provide emergency support, and are easier to communicate with. To hire them, you can share a job post on recruitment sites such as Linkedin and Indeed. You can also search for individuals looking for ruby on rails developer jobs in public forums or through contacts and networks. Though the hiring and onboarding process might take days.
  • Freelancers- These are not your employees. You can choose not to share much personal information about your project with them. You usually hire them for short-term tasks such as debugging, testing, or writing particular programs. You can find developers looking for ruby on rails freelance jobs on platforms such as Fiverr,, etc.
  • Remote Employees- With the advancements in the internet, it’s easy to access global talent for your project. Unlike the in-house model, here you are not restricted to a particular region and can hire ruby on rails developers remotely from anywhere in the world. Just consider the budget and experience you need and you are set. It is also cheaper than the in-house model as you don’t have to provide for infrastructure. You can find them looking for ruby on rails freelance jobs in different websites such as Upwork. You can hire them via staff augmentation too from online marketplaces such as Optimize or write a job post on either of these sites. 

3. Ruby on Rails Developer Salary-

Before you hire ruby on rails developers, determine their salary. Ruby on Rails developer salary depends on various factors such as experience and skills, project complexities, region, etc. Developers with more experience will demand a higher salary. For example, Junior level ruby on rails developer job has an annual income in the US is about $55,000 while a senior-level ruby on rails developer job could pay up to $130,000 per year. Hiring a development team or hiring for long-term projects will also require higher costs.

4. Ruby on Rails Developer Location-

The region plays a big role on the ruby on rails developer’s salary. In certain countries, developers are more affordable. In fact different time zones may also provide a 24/7 work benefit. Based on region, you can hire ruby on rails developers for the following cost-

Location Average RoR developer rate
U.S. $75-100 per hour
W. Europe $60-100 per hour
E. Europe $35-70 per hour
Asia $30-50 per hour

5. Ruby on Rails Developer Recruitment Process-

After getting clear about your developer requirements, budget, and project needs it is time to hire them. 

  • You can hire ruby on rails developers from a top hiring platform that can suit your technical needs. Instead of freelancing sites, you can opt for niche developer recruiters such as LinkedIn or Optimize.
  • After choosing candidates or a team, you can take a general interview to check if they have the desired technical and soft skills for your project. Most recruitment companies have pre-vetted developers so an interview will suffice with them, for others, you can take a coding round to better assess their technical proficiency.

6. Ruby on Rails Developer Onboarding-

After you have hired the candidates, it is time to onboard them. Depending on your priorities, you can put together a contract or job offer. Discuss the salary, project requirements, team, candidate’s queries, culture, timing, protocols, etc. If the candidates accept it, you can onboard them to the team.


Ruby on Rails is the best framework for eCommerce and startups. It can save you both time and money in the development process and will also keep you ahead of your competition. Hire ruby on rails developers that will happily assist you in your pursuit, are motivated to give their best, and can fit with your core team as well. 

I hope this article gave you enough insight on how to hire ruby on rails developers for your project. You can also outsource and out staff candidates looking for ruby on rails developer jobs from online job boards. To hire ruby developers, Optimize can be a great option as it offers you top 3 % of the best global talent to recruit and can handle all the hassle of hiring as well.

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