13 Super Foods That Slow Down the Aging Process

Anti-Aging is one of the well-versed topics of all ages. Unfortunately, it is not possible to return every moment to the rising time, but diet can improve the quality of life even in old age. Obviously, we can’t stop time. But we can make some changes in our daily life so that the older things will look and feel younger. Age increment is a natural part of life that is not possible to avoid. But do you know, the food that you eat can help to prevent the effects of aging growth? Is it both inside and outside of the body? Yes, our diet habits really help in preventing the effects of developing the body.

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Here is a list of some of the foods that help you to look younger in the ages.

1- Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Who does not like chocolate, do you know that dark chocolate is full of fluoride and anti-oxidants, these both help to control blood pressure and prevent inflammation. According to various medical research reports, physical swelling causes inflammation and related diseases, so foods that control swelling can prove to be a long lifetime.

2- Blueberries


It is full of anti-oxidants called fluoride that fight against vomiting and hazardous ingredients in the body, according to research, metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and diseases of blood vessels are due to body tumors. So the use of blueberries can help in controlling body tumors while metabolism keeps it working smoothly.

3- Green tea

This hot drink is beneficial to improve the performance of metabolism because of is part of the EGCG. According to research, polyphenol, and EGCGs in green tea make it more efficient for preventing swelling, than in other types of tea. Similarly, green tea also helps in controlling body weight while blood sugar remains in control. Polyphenol also protects the main part of cologne found in the skin, which is somewhat useful in slowing down the aging process of the body.

4- Turmeric


Anti-oxidant in turmeric have magical effects on body cell swelling, while it is also a help in keeping metabolism just like at a young age, and yes it also protects from brain hemorrhage recovery and treatment, while it is also helpful against liver damage, diarrhea, and joint pain.

5- Eggs


Eggs are full of protein that help make fat-free cells and do not affect the performance of metabolism. It also has vitamin D which improves overall health. Since it is full of fat-burning components Coleen, it is also a healthy diet.


6- Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil helps to prevent many common diseases associated with aging. Its use lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart stroke, and protects metabolic syndrome, as well as other diseases of blood vessels and diabetes. It is effective to fight cancer. Olive oil is also beneficial for keeping skin younger. According to medical research on animals, it prevents the swelling of the skin and can also prevent damage from sun rays. Additionally, 73 percent of olive oil is based on monosaturated fats. This increases skin flexibility and strength.

7- Yogurt


A well-performing stomach is very essential for the body’s anti-aging. Yogurt is very useful for the stomach. Beneficial bacteria are available for this purpose in the yogurt, according to research, yogurt helps these bacteria to become part of the body, which results in a reduced level of stress hormones. But the use of only low-sugar yogurt is beneficial.

8- Strawberry


This delicious and lovely fruit, Strawberry is full of fatty vitamins, especially vitamin C, which protects from the seasonal flu and mental stress. According to various medical research reports, the use of vitamins C reduces the levels of hormones that cause stress, while blood pressure also decreases rapidly.

9- Red Capsicum / Red Bell Pepper

Red Capsicum / Red Bell Pepper

The red capsicum also called red bell pepper is rich in vitamin C, which is very good for controlling blood pressure. Not only this but other components in red capsicum resist the non-healthy ingredients present in the body, which slows down the aging process of the body.


10- Rice


A study has shown that there are carbohydrates in rice that are resistant to starches. These carbohydrates help keep obesity under control and help to slow down the digestive system and changes in fatty acids in the stomach, The body burns these fatty acids for energy. The whole process results in the burning of extra fats in the body and it is good for slowing down the aging process.

11- Banana


Potassium and magnesium-rich Bananas are very helpful to reduce sleep loss. Lack of sleep is one of the biggest reasons for age increment. Thus banana is good for lowering blood pressure, excess weight loss, and risk of blood loss. Banana is also useful to improve the digestive system, reduce mental stress, remove vitamin deficiency and increase physical energy.

12- Spinach


In a recent study, it came to know that the use of this amazing Vegetable, spinach, or any green leaves every day, is helpful for longer life and prevents a decrease in mental abilities. This type of vegetable contains high amounts of vitamin K and provides more fiber to the body, which gives a feeling of abdominal fullness during the meal, and reduces the risk of obesity and gaining weight.

13- Apple


The use of apples also helps in preventing the effects of growth. In recent studies, a chemical discovered in apples’ skin prevents muscle tension and aging. As age increases, lack of protein ATF 4, and muscles start weakening due to which there is a change in the genes. But the use of apple or green tomatoes for two months prevents this weakness and aging process. Researchers say that natural components found in both of these fruits prevent the body from aging and weakness.

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