4 Mistakes You Must Avoid in the IELTS Writing Test


Many students think that passing the writing task is a very difficult/challenging task. However, this is not true and many students struggle to pass the test because of the mistakes that they commit during the writing test. So, to help you out today we are sharing with you the four mistakes you must avoid during the writing test.

Don’t Use Idioms

Most people use Idioms while writing essays in the IELTS writing test. This is because they allow students to get a decent score on the writing exam. But many students make the mistake of using them even if they don’t their meaning. As a result, they get low marks on the writing test. However, you must know the true meaning of the idioms if you are going to use them in your essays. So, make sure you avoid the use of idioms if you are unsure of their meaning. This will ensure that you don’t lose marks unnecessarily because of the use of idioms. To learn how to properly use idioms feel free to join our IELTS Training institute in Gurgaon.

Don’t Write Too Long/Short Answers

If you wish to score well on the writing test then make sure you carefully follow all the guidelines of the test. For instance, in task one, you must write your answer in 150 words. However, it’s okay if you complete your answers in 140 words.  But if you write below 140 words then you will lose marks. Similarly, it’s okay if you complete your answer in 170 words. However, if your answer exceeds 170 words limit then you may lose marks. So, make sure you carefully all the guidelines if you want to score well on the writing test.

Avoid Abbreviations

Many students use abbreviations while writing answers for task 1 and task 2 in the writing exam. However, you must avoid the use of abbreviations if you want to score well in the writing exam. Why? Because abbreviations make your answers informal. Besides this, they might even confuse the examiner. Thus, it is best to avoid the use of abbreviations in your answers. Doing this will boost your chances of getting a good score on the writing test.

Don’t Write Unnecessarily Out of the Topic

Many students just to meet the word limit of the task write irrelevant ideas in their answers. However, you must avoid doing this. Why? Because you may lose marks because of writing out of the topic. So, if you don’t want to lose marks then make sure you avoid writing out of the topic. Instead, try to keep your answer as relevant as possible. If you do this, you will be able to pass the writing exam with a decent score. To learn how to write relevant answers for the writing test feel free to join our IELTS Coaching Classes Noida.

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There you have it, four mistakes you must avoid if you want to score high marks in the writing task. So, make sure you avoid these mistakes if you desire to pass the IELTS writing test with decent marks. If you avoid these mistakes, you will be able to crack/pass the test with good marks without any hassle.

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