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AthenaOne vs NovoClinical 2022: The Battle of Two EHR Systems!

Electronic health records (EHRs) are required to meet various standards. However, these requirements are not common among healthcare providers (EHRs). That said, the quality of care that doctors may access from the athenaOne EHR Mobile App and the Novo Clinical EHR is distinct, albeit integral. Both systems have devoted users, and many people choose to utilize both daily.

Comparing the most current improvements to athenaOne vs. NovoClinical 2022 can give you a good picture of how both systems improve the quality of medical care.

This review compares athenaOne EHR, and NovoClinical EHR, two electronic health record systems many medical practitioners are considering. So, maybe, any of these EHR systems will be your next choice.

AthenaOne EHR

Using the athenaOne EHR Mobile App from AthenaHealth and its EHR software, physicians may check their patients’ hospital records in real-time, regardless of where they’re located. This program will be useful for those working in the healthcare industry, such as doctors, nurses, and administrators.

The ONC-ATCB and Meaningful Use have certified that the athenaOne Software meets all requirements. Its sophisticated features help to enhance productivity and streamline everyday operations, such as scheduling planning, compliance, documenting, digital prescribing (e-Rx), and voice recognition. The procedure can start once the user logs in with their athenaNet details. The athenaOne EHR mobile app allows clinicians to organize their time by providing instantaneous access to their daily schedules.

Users may do more than keep track of their clinical mail; they can also get ahead of the game in preparing for upcoming patient appointments. By streamlining the process of documenting patient visits and submitting prescriptions, athenaOne EHR helps keep clinicians from getting overworked.

Perks of Using athenaOne EHR Mobile App

  • The athenaOne EHR mobile app users will gain a lot thanks to the Software’s efficiency and versatility. Its advanced capabilities improve doctors’ chances of gaining a detailed understanding of a patient’s health. The athenaOne mobile app gives users 24/7 access to their electronic health records.
  • The athenaOne EHR app makes it simpler and quicker to maintain track of each patient’s medical history. Generate reports on a weekly or monthly basis, with as much room for detail as you need. Making these adjustments allows us fresh perspectives on the data. The intuitive athenaOne monitoring system allows quick data access during the requirements development and counseling phases.
  • The athenaOne patient portal is one distinctive feature of the athenaOne app. The fundamental intent of these tools is to encourage greater patient engagement in the healthcare delivery process while in a healthcare facility. Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) streamlines several aspects of patient care, including communication, appointment scheduling, and billing.

AthenaOne EHR Reviews

athenaOne EHR mobile app is widely acclaimed, specifically for its user-friendly and helpful customer service team. Feedback from app users has highlighted the reliability users place in AthenaHealth EHR’s app development.

AthenaOne EHR Pricing

The athenaOne EHR cost is currently unavailable. You can, however, purchase it through the vendor after requesting a quote. Request a demo today for more insight into the benefits of the athenaOne HER mobile app.

NovoClinical EHR

NovoClinical is an easily deployable, cloud-based system with a high level of security. Each medical facility or healthcare provider can use the report and design customization options.

Insurance eligibility may be determined in a matter of seconds with NovoClinical EHR, and the patient’s medical and pharmaceutical histories are automatically populated in the physician reports.

In a Meaningful Use 2015-compliant system, users can type their reports or use the system’s integrated dictation features. Patient portal features include safe two-way communication, online bill payment, and access to medical records.

NovoClinical with its virtualized, mobile, and on-premises solution for small and medium-sized medical facilities. Its familiarity with paper charts makes it simple to train new users to utilize them. As an additional perk, it reduces the burden of extra effort doctors have to care for their patients, especially repetitive, manual tasks.

Perks of Using NovoClinical EHR

  • To increase efficiency and simplify life for both doctors and patients, NovoClinical automates several common tasks. Things like medical billing are also automated. EOBs are returned electronically and posted mechanically after a few seconds of processing a claim. All reporting levels (primary, secondary, tertiary) are monitored, accounted for, and checked for accuracy.
  • NovoClinical’s patient portal is a private online center where patients may access information about their medical history, including appointment summaries, lab reports, and prescriptions, and communicate directly with their physicians. Appointments can also be made using the patient portal online.
  • The most cutting-edge tools and procedures are made possible by NovoClinical. Thanks to its intuitive interface and plethora of real-time features, using it couldn’t be simpler. The system can be up and running with just a few training hours and replicates the routines of a doctor’s office.
  • The platform’s user interface reflects that of standard paper medical charts. E-prescribing, tool integration, imaging information management, and image archiving via electronic means are part of the solution (PACS).

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NovoClinical EHR Reviews

Several independent sources have affirmed in their reviews that NovoClinical EHR is intuitive and simple. The intuitive system makes menu bars very simple to locate. Many customers have praised the company’s responsiveness and the quality of its ongoing customer assistance.

NovoClinical EHR Pricing

The monthly cost for the NovoClinical EHR starts at $100 per provider. Other modules, however, can be purchased for $300–$500. As you upgrade to more expensive packages, you’ll have access to more advanced features and greater flexibility in terms of customization, training, and data migration. You should know that some functions are free while others cost money. NovoClinical EHR does not provide a trial or version for free, but a demo is available upon request.

Final Words

AthenaOne EHR Mobile App and NovoClinical are among the top-notched EHR systems. However, the system you choose completely depends on your needs and budget. So, the best advice will be to determine your expectations and how either AthenaOne EHR or NovoClinical serves those requirements. Or, you can consult for expert advice to make the decision exclusively suitable for you!

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