How do I start an Amazon Easy Store business?

Amazon has been widely acclaimed for its business strategies since its evolution. This e-commerce business magnet has spread its wings within a short span of time. Lately, they are blooming in the market with a new strategy: the Amazon Easy Store business.

This A-lister brand has plans to reach every single home. They want to extend their services to every corner of India. To reach a wider market, they have partnered with Amazon network partners.

Amazon’s easy store franchise (the store owners) will act as a mediator between consumers and Amazon. Amazon is aiming to disrupt all sorts of barriers for shoppers. They want to target those audiences who are refraining from themselves. Following are the reasons why most shoppers step back:-

  • Language barrier
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of internet access
  • Digital payments, etc.

Amazon Easy Store business: Detailed insight

Amazon Easy Store is a formatted program. It will integrate numerous services via a single touchpoint. This initiative will play a pivotal role. It will enable the next 200-300 million consumers to have a great shopping experience. It will also create self-employment and local job opportunities in India.

Apart from touchpoints, consumers can even place their orders through They can opt for in-store pickup or get their Amazon orders delivered to their home.

Amazon’s easy store franchise can take complete leverage of this last-mile initiative. They get the privilege to give pickups and package delivery facilitation to their consumers. 

Mahalakshmi layout is the first unique Amazon Easy Store in India.  Amazon is now planning to expand these upgraded stores to other locations. They are:-

  • Gujarat
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Andhra Pradesh
  •  Punjab
  • Telangana
  • Karnataka

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Amazon easy store franchise: Golden chance to earn great profits and ROI

Nobody can deny the turmoil caused by the pandemic. It caused massive dislocation for small shoppers and businesses. This in fact was a painful moment for small businesses. Some small shop owners have not yet emerged from the impact.

Within the Indian States, it is speculated that certain demographics are facing greater hits than others. Businesses led by females are high closure rates. Amazon’s easy store franchise is the best strategy for such people to bounce back. They can normalize things quickly.

Pros of starting an Amazon easy store franchise

Well, there is an extended list of pros. Let’s check a few of them:-

  • Since you would be tying up with the established giant. You will not have to think or invest in marketing.
  • You can earn incentives and great commissions. 
  • You can effectively manage your store in an affordable manner.
  • You can run Amazon Easy Store along with your existing business. Moreover, you will be aided by Amazon. 
  • You will be associated with the business community. These communities are a great lending hand to know and learn new strategies, tricks, etc. 
  • Amazon sells more than 16 crore products. This means you can easily attend to the requirements of your customers. 
  • You will be privileged with an extra margin. For instance, you can earn this on every new client’s registration.
  • You will get training in marketing and strategies.
  • You can take the benefit of extensive sales.
  • Personal business account 
  • Lifetime rights for Amazon easy store franchise

How to register?

You can manage to register for Amazon Easy Store business with a few easy steps.

  1. Have a detailed assessment of the Amazon network partner. Check reviews and testimonials before you register yourself.
  2. Get through their training session. Make your decision.
  3. Fill out the forms to register yourself as an Amazon easy store franchise.
  4. Wait for the approval and start your own franchise.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • The person must be above 18 years.
  • He/ She should know how to work on computers.
  • He/ She must be 10+2.
  • Must have a shop space of at least 200 sq feet.

Amazon Easy Store franchise: What are your roles?

  • Guidance in the Local language

Amazon wishes to extend its service to native language speakers. For example, you are opening an Amazon Easy Store franchise in Andhra Pradesh. You have to guide the shoppers in your (Telugu) language.

  • Spread awareness about upcoming deals and great sales

You have to let your shoppers know about upcoming deals and sales.

No worries!! you will get all the marketing materials like Flyers, Banners, etc., from Amazon. You just have to place the banners in your store.

For instance, the Amazon Great Indian Sale starts in September 2023. You can tell your shoppers about the best deals that they can crack. You can talk about discounts, offers, etc. 

  • Place orders for your shoppers

Most people in India do not know how to place orders on Amazon. You as an Amazon Easy Store franchise need to place the order from your business account.

  • Physical touch point

You will be a physical touch point for shoppers near your proximity. You need to give them assistance.

Is it a profitable business?

Amazon Easy Store business will flourish in India. Every person is educated in basics like hygiene, dressing, eating, talking, etc. In school, we learn about numbers, words, interaction with others, etc.

We graduate in specialized subjects from college and join the race of earning money. So, if we see knowledge and education play in shaping human life. And these factors are the key to success when associated with the Amazon Easy Store business.

You will be getting proper training to run an Amazon Easy Store business. Hence, you will have knowledge about the ropes. There may be times when you have to walk through pitfalls that can occur inevitability. But, you can manage to cross these situations easily.

If you face any troubles, you can reach your Amazon network partners. They will perform a complete audit for you and assist you. Their team will find and alert you about the wrongs. Hence, you can make great sales from your store. This will open your path to earning great profits.

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